Omnia Pass Rome

This pass, 90 Euros, claims to include the Roma Pass, Vatican tickets to the museums & St Peters (with audio tour), and the HOHO bus for 3 days, plus some maps & guides. I planned to get the Roma pass, but would this be better? We have 6 days in Rome in December. The HOHO bus had terrible reviews, but I thought this might be a good way to get our bearings before starting the Roma Pass.
The money for the Omnia pass is a savings if we do that bus & it gets us the Vatican tickets. Any word?

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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It looks like your greatest savings would be on the HOHO bus (last summer I think they charged €25/day). Rome is pretty compact and you really won't need to use the HOHO bus that much, let alone wait for it for about an hour unless you try to time your visit by their schedule. If you stay in the Centro Storico, you'll probably spend much less on local transportation. The Romapass would probably be a better deal, even if you buy the Vatican Museums ticket separately and pay for the Museums' audioguide. In addition to the Romapass 3-day transportation pass, you might need a couple of all-day bus passes - or just buy individual tickets. Remember to validate!

Posted by donna
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Janet, some of us on TA broke down the costs of this pass and have found out that it's really not worth the money. It costs 32 euros for a tour of the Vatican museums. The basilica is free and the gardens tour has been suspended until further notice. The romapass will cost 34 euros in May so if you add those together it will cost 66 euros to get the romapass and a Vatican tour. I know the omnia pass also gives you other things like the HO/HO bus but you get a three day travel pass with the romapass so you'll use either the HO/HO or the travel pass but not both so one is a waste. Also, this pass is only good for three days! I don't know how they expect anyone to make the pass pay off in three days. Basically, I would buy the romapass if you're going to visit enough sites to make it worthwhile and then, either before or after using the pass, I would book a tour of the Vatican museums. This way you won't be so rushed to try to squeeze everything in and you can save money at the same time. Donna

Posted by Janet
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thanks, I plan to get the Roma pass. I wondered if since we will be there 3 more days the rest of the Omnia pass might be ok. the savings were only 6 euros. thanks, I love getting all the imput from other travelers.