Off to Europe inlcuding Italy, please share your favorites.

Thanks to the generosity and knowledge of you RS travelers, we are off to Europe. I'm posting this here and on to the West. Please post Italy tips here and suggestions for the other countries on to the West post. We land in Munich and are traveling by train staying three nights most places: Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, Venice, Florence, Monterosso, Varenna, Chur and Munich for Oktoberfest. Please recommend great restaurants, don't miss sites, day-trips, anything to do with wine, tours, vineyards, etc (love those off the beaten path gems. Plus, any getting around tips will be appreciated, train tips especially. We have G passes. And, if anyone has recently purchased an unlocked phone in Munich or Austria that worked well in Italy as well, please share what kind of phone and the name of the service provider... Want to follow along via RS messages, please feel free to do so, mail me. Of course, we have many sites and restaurants highlighted, but the more the merrier. We are so happy with our accommodation choices which you folks recommended. Thanks in advance for chiming in, Sundance

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