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Odd/Even License plate numbers on Amalfi Coast Drive?

I read in Frommers Amalfi Coast Guide Book (2006) that they are directing traffic by license plate numbers - if your number ends in an odd number you go one direction and even numbers go the other direction.

Has anyone been there recently to confirm this?

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We were there in July 2006 but parked our car at our hotel in Sorrento and took the bus on the Amalfi Coast drive and the boat back to Sorrento. Re. the license plates--we did not see this and we were there in Mid-July last year but I am sure it gets much busier there in August so maybe that is when they do this? When are you going? The road itself wouldn't be that bad to drive and I know my husband could have done it with no problems. We had driven the week before from France to Vernazza in the Cinque Terre and that is one "thin" road as the locals say!

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We'll be there July 29-Aug 2. I think we will just start on the Positano end and hope for the best. We want to go in the direction the busses go so we don't have to deal with encountering them on those turns...

We too drove into the Cinque Terra!!! The Amalfi Drive looks easy compared to that!