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October in Puglia

We would like to rent a home in Puglia in October. Did this in 2013. We won’t go if there are too many COVID restrictions. Flight is booked on miles. Full refundable. Homes on websites show that you can cancel with about a months notice. Would like some general advice on whether or not to book. Currently Italy is on lockdown with travel restrictions. With vaccine rollout what do you think it will be like in October.

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Regret my pessimism, but unless things greatly improve soon with regard to vaccinations around the world, it's difficult for me to believe travel in 2021 will truly be safe, or even permitted in some places. Maybe October 2022?

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The U.K. is way ahead of Italy and we have been told that it will be October before all adults get their second jab, then 3 weeks to attain full protection, so say the end of November, assuming no new variants pop up that are immune to the current vaccinations.

It’s anyone’s guess where any country will be in October Covid-wise, but Italy will have to significantly increase their vaccination rate to get the entire population vaccinated before the U.K.. Vaccine supply could be an issue for the EU.

Are you happy to travel if museums, theatres etc remain closed, nighttime curfews or if social distancing and mask wearing outdoors is still required? Different people have different requirements for what they want to accept. Personally, I wouldn’t travel on public transport at present, but others will be prepared to get onboard.

Governments have acted quickly if there have been Covid surges, so be prepared for last minute quarantine to be introduced and expensive negative Covid tests in each direction.

There have been many comments from people that have struggled to get their money back on accommodation due to Covid cancellations. Check the small print.

I have a holiday to the Canary Islands booked for late October from the U.K., rescheduled from January. We are currently thinking it’s 50/50. Who knows?