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Notice from Trenitalia re: Cancellation

I have a cryptic notice from Trenitalia about a cancellation.
It says that service between Roma Termini and Roma Triburtina is cancelled on the day of my trip.
But my trip is from Roma Termini to Assisi.
So is my trip affected by the cancellation?

The google translation of the message is this:
we inform you that, due to extraordinary works on the line, on 11.06.2024 the Regional train 4730 is canceled between the Roma Termini and Roma Tiburtina stations.
You can cancel the trip, ask for a refund of the ticket and possibly go back on the first available train.

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well, without knowing more, there are few things I can point out....

That is your train number, right? I am also assuming that the train goes through those stations on the trip. If it is, then that segment is not available. You should cancel and get a refund and either book that same train from Tiburtina to Assisi (if that is the best timetable for you and it is easy to get to Tiburtina from your location), or look at a different one. If that really is the actual reason (because they could probably use that language to explain that it is only certain times of the line or any particular repairs that wouldn't affect ALL trains) then you will also be able to select a different train to get you to Assisi.

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Or if you can, board the train at Roma Tiburtina and the issue is moot. If not, you will have to find another train it seems.

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HA that is a great idea Arnold! I was just thinking if they wanted to save any money if the fare was slightly different :)

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The train is still shown on the timetable for that day. What I would do is: Nothing.
At least not till I was in Rome.
You have a ticket for Rome - Assisi. Regional tickets are flexible, so can be used on a different train (that is why you need to check in...). You use the Trenitalia App to modify your ticket.