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Not a wine drinker...

I'm not a wine drinker...will I be an outcast or worse, an insult in Italy??

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Becky - only if you are also a vegitarian and/or vegan! or low carb! :) While you may miss out on such a cultural icon of italy (wine) - hopefully you can eat the cheese and pastas!! Enjoy and have fun too!

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Don't worry Becky, no one will give you weird looks for not drinking wine. I would encourage you to try a glass of wine while you are in Italy. I never liked wine before my first visit to to the Boot!

BTW-Vegetarians have plenty of food options in Italy. Vegans, now that's another story.

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No one will look at you funny - I was on a trip with a friend who was 16 weeks pregnant so no wine for her. Order water - acqua con gas (sparkly) or no gas (still). You'll be fine.

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I wasn't a wine drinker UNTIL I went to Italy, give it a shot, you may find that you like it! Salute!

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I would definitely recommend trying the wine in Italy as's amazing and shouldn't be missed!

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I'm with you Kelly...I don't care for beer either..and I'm German!!! Yes, I'm an anomaly

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Both bottled water and assorted soft drinks are omnipresent.

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You will not be outcast nor an insult. I drink a small amount of wine - only in Italy. I am a beer drinker and find Italian beers very pleasant!