Northern Italy Restaurants

Travelling to Northern Italy in May and looking for restaurant recommendations in Milan and its outer areas, Torino, the Lakes area, and Verona. We prefer to avoid places that advertise "menu turisticas"...Thanks in advance!

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Definitely check out Eataly while in Turin. It was recommended to me from a helpline member and it was such a fun experience. It is kind of like an Italian version of Whole Foods, but with several restaurants and a basement full of great wine! We enjoyed a fantastic dinner at I Tre Galli one evening, but we also enjoyed turning Apertivo hour into dinner a few of our nights in Turin.

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I suggest you go onto and see what's being said about the regions you're going to. They often cover Italy in great detail. As far as I can tell, the best Italian food is east of Milan and west of Bologna. And Torino has some great places as well.
You've just never seen so much food as when you get into a full multi course Italian meal. My wife and I just don't eat so much food any longer.

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Wonderful food in Torino at L'Acino. Be sure to reserve!

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I am expert on Lake Maggiorie. Stay there every year. If that is one of the lakes you are looking to explore, I can help with hotels, restaurants. Just let me know. I also go to Verona every year for 2-3 days. Let me know if you need recommendations for Verona too.