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Northern Italy itinerary help


I keep looking at my itinerary and I have a freli g it might be too ambitious.

Milan - Lake Maggiore - 2 nights (leave Milan by 9 am train to ?)
Lake Maggiore - Verona 3 nights
Verona to Vernazza 2 nights
Back to Milan 3 days

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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might be too ambitious

My feeling as well.

Maybe pick just one 'waterside' destination and limit yourself to 3 destinations. Give yourself more time to be there and less time 'in transit'

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You could reduce 1 day in Milan easily.
Ck the train routes and travel time as u may need to return to Milan for a change of train for your destinations.

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Yeah, I'd increase one or both your 2-nighters to 3 and spend much less time in Milan.

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Will you disembark in Milan jetlagged? If so, three nights would be a good opportunity to recover while seeing Milan at a leisurely pace. If not, and assuming you will be energetic/awake enough to do stuff on your first day, two nights is enough. The rest of the time I would spend in the Italian Lakes district, using just two locations - Maggiore and Como (Bellagio for me) - with maybe your last night near the airport should your departure time be early.

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I think I needed affirmation. Does anyone have tjoughtts on the order ? I get in from Zurich so I wom”t be jetlagged which is why I thought I could go straight to one of the Lakes.

Is Vernazza a good choice? And if so, is it worth paying for a “view” or just get my view walking around.

As for Verona, I think I might splurge for an opera. Has anyone done that?


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Milan is not worth more than one day, in my opinion. I usually fly into Zurich and take the train down to Italy from the airport/changing at main station downtown. You can stop on Lake Maggiore at Stresa and spend a few days or take the train on into Verona. I have hotel information on the lake area and Verona, if you are interested. I haven't been to Vernazza.

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wgroup, you ask if a view/price in Vernazza is worth it. We were there in October, and what I researched were rooms with balconies or terraces and for us, it was worth it. We sat on the balcony overlooking the beautiful sea in the morning with our coffee and in the late afternoon with a glass of wine. We did have wonderful views on our hike and also walking around the towns, but our balcony was a highlight of our stay. An individual decision though on what is important.