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Northern Italy Honeymoon Trip (16 Nights)

Hi, my fiancé and I are in the midst of planning a 17 day honey moon trip focusing on Rome and Northern Italy. It'll be my fiancé's first time in Italy, while I spent a few days when I was younger with my parents on a Mediterranean cruise. I was hoping someone could take a look at our drafted itinerary and let us know if the time frames sound reasonable or if there's any changes you'd recommend. Our current schedule is as follows:

  • May 14: Flight to Milan
  • May 15 - May 16 (2 Nights): Milan
  • May 17 - May 18 (2 Nights): Lake Como
  • May 19 (1 Night): Verona
  • May 20 - May 22 (3 Nights): Venice
  • May 23 - May 26 (3 Nights): Florence
  • May 27 (1 Night): Cinque Terre
  • May 28 - May 31 (4 Nights): Rome
  • June 1: Fly home from Rome

We plan on taking the train between cities with a potential bus or two to explore tuscan vineyards. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Going to CT for just one night is a lot of effort for limited reward. Spend 2 nights or just skip it. Perhaps add another day to LAke Como to satisfy your 'waterfront' desires.

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Instead of sleeping in Milan go to Varenna on Lake Como on your day of arrival. If arriving at Milan’s Malpensa airport you’ll need to take a train to the Milano Centrale station (1h) and transfer to Varenna (1h 15m). If arriving at Linate take a bus to Milano Centrale.
On your way to Verona go back to the Milano Centrale station and store your luggage and spend the day sightseeing in Milan. Later in the day take a direct train to Verona (1h 15m) and sleep there one night. The next day explore Verona and take an evening train to Venice (1h 15m).
I would then add a night in the Cinque Terre, otherwise skip it since it is the outlier.

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Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
With the exception of the single night in the CT, I think the itinerary looks fine but your count for Florence is off by a night? Looks like you have 4 nights (May 23, 24, 25, 26) there and not 3? I'm a fan of that city so 4 nights/ 3 full days wouldn't be too much for a traveler interested in Renaissance art/architecture. You could move the 1 night in the CT to Florence as well for the day of Tuscan vineyards? You intend to do those via bus tour, correct?

What I wouldn't personally advise is cutting Florence back to 3 nights/2 full days AND spending one of them doing vineyards unless your interest in the city itself is less versus more.

Mllan: not everyone is a fan, I know, but there's plenty of good stuff to be covered during the single FULL, non-jet-lagged day that you've planned. If the Last Supper is on your agenda, do be aware that the museum (Cenacolo Vinciano) is closed on Mondays (May 16) so you'd need to do it on arrival day (Sunday, May 15). As high demand for tickets means buying in advance, there is some risk involved should you experience a serious flight delay. As well, the State Museums in Florence and Rome are also closed on Mondays so plan around those, OK?

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Personally, I'd go straight to Lake Como upon arrival in Milan and skip Milan entirely. Or depart early after spending 4 nights in Varenna (best option for transportation and a charming town), spend a half day around Milan then train to Verona. Early afternoon departure the next day to Venice. Skip CT as it is out of your way and really not worth the hassle of a single day there. Try Bologna as a day stop before Florence.

Congratulations and have fun!