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Night Train from Rome to Venice?

Because it is so much cheaper to fly into Rome and out of Rome (as opposed to flying into Venice and out of Rome), my friend and I are thinking of flying into Rome and then taking a night train to Venice (to hopefully save a day of sightseeing). Is this feasible? Can we purchase the ticket in the US first so we don't have to try to figure it out once we get there? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Kevin - I'd suggest you keep trying on the into Venice out of rome connection. I'm not seeing a big price differential on the dates I looked at on the two trips. Rome and Rome or Venice Rome out of Denver.

Try as they will search multiple sites for you.

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You know, I just looked on kayak after your email and maybe I had the dates wrong the last time because you're right: it is a very comparable price; within $100 or so. Thanks for taking the time to do that for me. I will sleep a bit easier tonight! :o)

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We flew into Venice and out of Rome in October. We really like the open jaw concept as it saves precious vacation time in not having to double back to return home. I also suggest that you fly into Venice and out of Rome instead of vice versa due to the logistics involved in transit between the airport and Venice itself. I have seen people post on here and other sites about the difficulty in getting to Marco Polo airport for very early morning flights.

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But, but, but . . . could we still have an answer to Kevin's question for those of us who still have to make the Rome-Venice or Venice-Rome trip for other reasons? Is it feasible and sensible to take a night train Venice-Rome to save some valuable day time for other things?



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I wouldn't bother with a night train, as it's a fairly short trip using the EuroStar Italia or other fast trains (4H 27M, with no changes). It's actually quite a pleasant trip and the scenery through bella Toscana is fantastic!

I agree with the others in that open jaw flights would be the best choice, however I haven't checked the flights available from your area.

Happy travels!

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I took a Venice-Rome night train this summer & enjoyed it. It is a shorter ride than most though (between 6 & 7 hours), so don't expect a full night a sleep that you could (possibly) get on a normal night train. I'd ALWAYS pick a night train over a 4-hour train trip or something during the day though to save time. And, if you do choose the night option, I'd purchase the ticket in advance unless you'll be in Rome for awhile before you head which case, I'd buy as soon as you got to Rome and knew the date...just because, it'd suck to plan to go a certain night only to find out that night is full.

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I would suggest not taking the night train if this is your first time. As someone said the train is only 4.5 hours and you can see everything. There is a train that leaves Rome around 6:30 so you can be Venice by 11:00 or 11:30.

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I agree with Brian above, but it depends on whether you sleep well on trains. If you don't, get a good sleep the night before, take an early morning train as Brian suggests. However, you will miss early morning Venice. If you are travelling during the hot summer months, it would be nice to get there early morning, especially if you aren't planning to stay overnight.

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We already booked ticket to fly in and out of Rome and so far plan is Rome -> Florence (day trip to Sienna and another day trip to Pisa) -> Venice -> back to Rome

instead of travel straight from Venice to Rome for 4.5 hours, any stop in between that may worth while to stay for a night? thinking 2-3 hours train from Venice to that place and then another 2-3 from that place to Rome. I read the map and may be Bologna, but didn't hear people talking much abotu that place.. any other itinerary to fly in/out of rome is very welcomed. thanks.

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We did a similar thing last August and we were traveling in and out of Rome also (catching a cruise and this is what we did.

Day 1 - Arrived Rome at 8:30 am took train into Rome from Airport dropped bags at hotel (near station) and visited the colosseum, palantine hill, forum, pantheon, trevi fountain, peter in chains church, spanish steps a couple other place.

Day 2 - Took 6:30 train to Venice arrived around 11:00 had lunch and dropped bags at hotel. Visited the Jewish Ghetto, took the slow boat down to St. Marks and just walked around in and out of the streets.

Day 3 - Visited St. Marks and Doge Pallace (secret tour), Friari Church, and Rialot Market. Then took an 4:30 train to Bologna where we spent the night (about an hour away).

Day 4 - got up early and took an early train to Florence arrived by 9:00 am. Dropped bags at hotel and walked down toward water visiting the Palazzo della Signoria. We then had time tickets to Uffizi and Accadamia. Had some lunch and watched the sunset at Piazzale michelangelo.

Day 5 - Visited the Borgello, Duomo and few other museums. Took a 2:00 bus to Siena. After settling in at hotel visited the Duomo and other sites, had some gelato sitting the in Piazza and got some cookies and then had a great meal.

Day 6 - took train to Lucca. Lucca was great but wouldn't recommend on a short trip like this took about 3 hours to get there. Had a nice time in Lucca.

Day 7 - Took train to Pisa visited sites (about 2 hours). Then took train back to Rome where we spent 2 more days.

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Why not take an afternoon train from Rome with planned arrival in Venice in the early evening when the tourist wave ebbs? This should give you some quality sightseeing time in Rome in the morning and some quality evening time in a less crowded Venice. This four and a half hour train trip seems to make more sense then a longer night train hop. We spent a night on a train two years ago from Florence to Lyon. Never again. Poor sleeping conditions (brakes screeching, many stops and starts, cramped quarters,etc.) not worth the price of extra sightseeing time, especially considering the sleep deprivation.