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Night Train From Rome To Venice

We are going to Italy in June. We are considering taking the night train from Rome to Venice. Rick's book states that we should be able to get a couchette for about $25 per person. Yet when I look on Trenitalia the cost is $92 per person. Does anyone have any experience with this train. Is it better to wait and buy our tickets in Rome? Will we get a better price?

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I just did a dummy booking at and got a fare of 56.50 EUR for a bunk in a four-person couchette. I assume the $25 price you quote is the cost of the supplement for a person who has a railpass and simply needs to reserve sleeping accommodations.

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I rode this route in October. We booked on site at the Rome train station. 50 euros each.

FYI: make sure you go to the restroom before you get off the train. The train gets in to the station at 5:25am. Nothing in the station- the restaurant, the luggage drop, or the bathrooms are open until 6am. There is no other place open to go. It's a long wait. Information you didn't ask for, but will be glad you have when you get there. :)

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Just a thought, you could blitz Florence on your way to Venice. Get your reservations for the Accadamia and Uffizi well in advance and plan to leave Rome early in the morning. In 2 hours your in Florence. Spend the day and catch a late afternoon train to Venice(3 hours). Also, make sure you have your train reservations together. You can buy more time for your trip by not wasting it trying to purchace tickets in Rome. Plan the day like clockwork and you will have a full and amazing day of fun. And remember, if by chance you miss your train or some other misfortune ruins your best laid plans; Hey, your in Italy, how bad can it be!