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Night time train travel

How do you go about traveling on a night train? In Rick Steves' book on Italy he recommends taking a night train, but I can't figure out how to do it. My husband and I are traveling with our 6 & 8 year old children & think it would be fun. The biggest reason I'd like to do it though is because we're flying in and out of Rome and have to back track at some point. We're first spending time in Rome, then driving through Tuscany & Umbria, then Cinque Terre, then over to Venice. We want to go to Amalfi but don't want to drive clear down the country and the kids would go bananas if we did it during the day (which in turn would drive us crazy). Is there a way to travel at night from Venice to the Sorrento, Amalfi or even Naples (if we have to) area? I've been to the Trenitalia website, but when I go to view the cost, everything turns back into Italian. We've never been to Italy before and are planning on spending 3 weeks there. We're very excited, but clueless.

Those above areas we want to go to, any suggestions on maybe seeing them in different orders so that we're not going back and forth and all over unneedlessly? I'm up for beautiful relaxing train or car driving trips, but I know the kids aren't. Thank you so much!!

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Night trains are very easy to book. My husband booked them all directly on the trenitalia website. We both thought that the night train experience sounded "fun and/or glamorous" and booked a private sleeper cabin to travel from Venice to Interlaken. The cabin is VERY small and if you travel with any amount of luggage you are confined to your bunk bed. I would also take into consideration what time of year you would be traveling. We were there in August and it was VERY hot on the train (if the train isn't moving = no air). We were both much happier with taking the budget airlines between cities (i.e. Ryanair, etc.). If you book early you can get airline tickects for as little as 1 euro + tax. Of course, many people like the train, it just didn't meet our expectations.

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Wow! I just checked the website and it seems to good to be true...what's the catch? For my family it's only $80. It only goes from Venice to Rome, but then we can take a train to the Naples. I'm going to post a new topic on this also just to see the rest of my options. Thank you, thank you!

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Hi Melissa, My husband and I will also be taking the night train from Venice to Naples. What I had planned was a train from Venice to Bolgna at about 8pm then a train from Bologna to Naples at 12AM. It arrives in Naples around 8am then we will take the Circumvesuviana train from the Naples Station to Pompei/Herculaneum and on to Sorrento. From Sorrento we are doing the bus one way to Amalfi and the boat on the way back. Im going in September and I cant wait!!

I found the schedules on the Deutsche Bahn website: Im not sure if they will change by the time I get there but I am going to try to make the reservations online 30-60 days in advance just so I know we have a place to sleep that night!

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Be carefull about Ryan Air & Jet Easy. I too was reccommended to them by a seasoned Londonite traveler. HE had never had any problems w/ the airlines, but if you google Ryan Air - you will find MANY people have had bad experiences. Regardless, we are going to Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal & Greece) for 6 weeks w/ no real itinerary, so we will use Ryan or Jet Easy if it fits our schedule.

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Hi..we just returned from a 10 day trip around Italy with our family of 5....our 3 kids thought the night train we took from Venice to Naples was quite an adventure...left at midnite, arrived Naples around 10am...we bought the tickets the day before travel at the Maestra/Venice station...make sure you get seats all together in the same sleeper whenever you buy...was a really fun experience, oh, and keep that door locked on your room while you're sleeping.....

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You can look on, but when buying train tickets in Italy I used trenitalia with no problem. Check it out again maybe the website was not working right.
I first looked into RyanAir when I was planning my trip to Europe. I found the website Of course there are several other websites that state problems with Ryanair. What they don't charge in actual flight fees they make up in charging extra for luggage. Also there is no clear way to file a complaint or call for customer service if need be. Of course other airlines have problems too, but it seems as though Ryanair has about 10 times as many. I chose not to use Ryanair, I figured it wasn't worth the risk.