New Year's Eve in Venice

Looking for a really nice dinner (or evening) to celebrate 1st New Year's as a married couple. Honeymooning in Italy for Xmas/New Year's (and some extra). Trying to find something fun/delicious for the evening. Not really interested in a massive "Love" festival but a romantic dinner. Saw there's a cruise, but the menu wasn't to my liking (very fish-centered). Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Posted by Jackie
Renton, WA, USA
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We were at the Love Festival in 2010. Know that there are at least 8000 people in town. Its so crowded, you can barely walk through the streets. if you are not staying right in Venice, the taxi/buses stop at 1am, and we barely made it. It took us 2 hours to walk from St. marks to the bus station. I would go to a village outside Venice and stay the night and mix with the locals. Venice on NYE was a madhouse, champagne bottles breaking all over the streets, firecrackers in the air. I am not that old to not enjoy the fun of the evening, but it was scary!!

Posted by Jackie
Renton, WA, USA
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Forgot to also mention that we spent Christmas week in San Gimignano. MAGICAL is all I can say. Remember that 12-26 is a National Holiday, so most places are closed. Check ot Ravenna, as that was a beautil city during Christmas time. Feel free to PM if you have any specific questions.

Posted by Cadence
Middletown, NJ, USA
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Thank you Jackie. Appreciate it. All of our stays are booked. We're in Rome for Xmas. In Venice we are at pensione guerrato. Not looking for craziness either, that's why I'm hoping for recommendations.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I've never spent New Year's Eve in Venice, but, based on my experience in other Italian cities (including the 1999/2000 millennium NYE in my own Florence) I would imagine that wherever you choose to go it's going to be crowded, loud and expensive. So make reservations at the restaurant as early as you can and leave the romantic dinner to another night.

Posted by JustTravel
San Francisco/Venezia
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I would asked the people at your hotel. They are very nice people and helpful. We are spending our sixth consecutive Christmas/New Year here in Venice and have never been in Piazza San Marco for the NYE midnight festivities. We do visit the Piazza during the day. I have watched the fireworks a couple of times from our apartment rooftop terrace. Sorry no personal recommendation as we rent an apartment and eat at home.

Posted by Rik
Vicenza, Italy
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I've been to Venice for NY a few times and every time I've noticed that it's not very crowded compared to other cities. It's just not a huge NY destination I guess. A lot of my favorite bars are usually closed on NYE as well which is a bit annoying but from walking around I've always noticed that there are plenty of restaurants offering special NYE dinners so finding one shouldn't be a problem. As someone else mentioned, I would ask at your hotel for a recommendation. Most places will require reservations.