New Year's Day in Florence

Hi there, my husband and I are traveling to Italy in Dec / Jan and will be in Florence from 12/29 - 01/03. I'm wondering how much will be open on the first? I see that the Uffizi is open on the 31st but not the first. I was in Florence on May day once and it was a ghost town. However. we went to Assisi for the day, everything was open and we had a great time. My question is should we plan a day trip to Assisi or Siena for the first? We're open to a leisurely day in either place or in Florence but i wanted to plan our other days accordingly. Thank you for your help!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Most places will be closed wherever you go. After partying all night people won't come out till late. New Year's day is also a day when it's traditional to have a huge luncheon with the family. Then in the afternoon (maybe after 3pm) everybody goes out for a stroll or to the movies etc.
There will be restaurants and bars open, but probably not shops and almost certainly not public museums. Not sure about churches. If you rely on buses to get to Siena, service will be provided on a holiday schedule (i.e. limited)