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New Vatican Reservation System

I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the new Vatican Museum reservation system. We would like to take the Vatican Gardens tour and visit the Museum on our own. The Vatican Gardens tour includes admission to the museum, but I cannot figure out if it also gives you a reservation time.

Checked the Vatican website and it was pretty vague in the Q & A section… “Q. If I buy a Guided Tour for the Vatican Gardens, is it possible to see the Vatican Museums with the same ticket? A. Yes, but you have to visit the Museums on your own (without a guide).”

The Vatican Garden tour is at 10 AM and lasts 2 hours. At noon after the tour is over, will we be taken directly to the museum or will we have to stand in line for several hours with our museum ticket voucher because we don’t have a reserved entry time for the museum?

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Hi there,
The ticket is still valid and good for the museums without having to go out and back in. What the vague answer is saying is only that you will have a ticket only, no guided tour.

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My understanding is that the Vatican Gardens tour includes a tour of the Sistine chapel only. I'm not sure if it would include admission to the whole museum.