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New plans for Rome and South.

We are now thinking of going direct to Sorrento and spending 5-6 days. We will then day trip to Rome.
Packing and moving 5 people after 2-3 days is a pain.
Or would you stay in Rome and day trip to Cappri, Pompei, Beach, etc....We are going the 1st week of June 08'

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And I think 5-6 days in that area is perfect. But we like to explore where we are. We spent four days based in Massa Lubrense and it was not enough. Next trip will be 7 days in Massa Lubrense!!!

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Personally, I think that I would not spend that many days in Sorrento. Yes, it's a beautiful area, but you can do Pompeii is a very close (15-20 minute) train ride from SOrrento and it can be done in 1/2 - 3/4 day. You could also take another excursion to Capri and the Blue Grotto which is probably another 1/2-3/4 day. I would also NOT daytrip to Rome because there is just absolutely SO much to see in Rome that a day trip will be exhausting and you will miss so many sights.

There's not much of a beach to speak of in Sorrento. Many of the hotels located directly on the cliffs will have a sea-bathing "platform" built at the base of the rocky cliff which is accessible by either stairs or elevator.

Could you possibly spend 2 nights in Sorrento and 3 or 4 nights in Rome? In my opinion that would be much more enjoyable than 6 days in Sorrento and daytripping to Rome.

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I agree that spending 5-6 days in Sorrento is too much. Try 2 or at max 3 days in Sorrento and then move to Rome. Unless you're carrying way more luggage than you should, changing hotels after a couple of days isn't a problem. And I agree that day-tripping TO Rome isn't a good idea, and neither is day-tripping FROM Rome to Pompeii and/or Sorrento. So just go to Sorrento, relax and get over jet lag and then go back to Rome, rested and ready to tackle all the sites, of which there are many. And do book your hotels way in advance -- they fill up early for summer vacation trips. Buon viaggio!

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it would be a long daytrip to Rome. However you could easily fill 4+ days in Sorrento. Day 1 -- relax from flight and overcome jetlag. Other days could include a trip to Capri, a trip to Pompeii and possibly Herculaneum, a trip down the Amalfi coast by bus or ferry, and a trip into Naples to see a vibrant city.

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David: It's about 4 hours by train each way between Rome and Sorrento, making for a long day trip. If you want one home base for your trip, I'd recommend Rome (especially if you're flying in/out of Rome). Instead of Pompeii and Sorrento beaches, consider doing Ostia Antica and the nearby Lido beaches. If Capri is highest on your day trip list, it may be possible to go there directly from Naples rather than Sorrento, saving some time. I love Sorrento, but trying to combine both it and Capri in one day trip would be a bit hectic. Although I've never done one, there are probably bus tours from Rome that might make the long day more relaxing and enjoyable.