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New Delta Testing Plan [sadly misleading article- read whole thread]

The link to the whole article is listed below, I've put an excerpt in here:

Under the agreement between the Atlanta-based carrier and the two airports, flyers holding a U.S. passport may be able to enter Italy without a quarantine period. To be eligible, flyers must take a PCR COVID-19 test up to 72 hours before departure, along with a second rapid test at ATL. Upon landing in Rome, flyers will be subjected to a third rapid test. To successfully enter, all three tests must be negative.

When returning to the United States, flyers must take one final rapid test at FCO before boarding their aircraft. All flyers returning from international travel will also be asked to join the airline’s voluntary contact tracing program, which will help the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in managing the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Testing won’t just be limited to international travelers bound for Rome. In the internal memo, Bastian also told employees they would expand their internal capacity to offer weekly tests for all employees. Onsite rapid testing will be available to employees at major airports, while smaller airports and employees working from home will get access to testing kits.

“These efforts continue to be critical to your health and safety, as well as to the future of our business, given that many of our customers still have concerns about air travel,” Bastian wrote in the memo. “While we enjoyed an increase in travel volumes over the Thanksgiving holiday, in reality they were still less than half of what we normally fly during the holiday.”

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This only applies to "essential" travel, not tourism. By leaving out that very important detail, The FlyerTalk article gives the impression that Italy is allowing entry for tourists subject to certain conditions. I would look to the airline's own statement, and always read the fine print.
The tests will exempt from quarantine on arrival in Italy all U.S. citizens permitted to travel to Italy for essential reasons, such as for work, health and education, as well as all European Union and Italian citizens.

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Yes, we still have to be patient and wait till the virus is under control both here and in Europe. But at least It is a step in the right direction and gives people some hope. Besides travel, we want to visit family overseas but know it won’t be before the fall of 2021. Like everyone else, we’ll have to be content with FaceTime.

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This is also interesting with the Dec 19 start date, given that Conte announced last night that anyone (even Italians) entering Italy between Dec 21 and Jan 6 will have to quarantine (he announced several measures last night designed to keep people from moving around too much during the holiday period).

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So disappointed that I ended up posting something that wasn't entirely true. I extend my apologies!

I'm leaving it here for now since I think the fact that others have put in clarifying information is quite useful.