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Negotiating while shopping...

Is there places where it is not appropriate to negotiate?? Is it OK/expected at street/flea/food markets, but not chain type stores(Prada)??

Does this vary by region??

What are the "expectations" from the vendors/store owners in Italy??

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But given the current world economy, some experts are saying you should give it a shot even in retail stores. If you phrase it more as an apologetic "Oh, I couldn't possibly pay more than ___", smile and start to walk away, who knows? It might work.

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The usual simple rule is that if something has a price tag on it, it is non-negotiable.

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Stores no. At outdoor markets you could bargin over clothes, scarves, and nicknacks, but don't bargin with people selling food.
Honestly the only people I've seen haggle over a price at a market are American Tourists. Mostly because locals just won't buy something if it is overpriced.

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Last summer my 12 yr old wanted to buy a parasol( it was seriously hot, and we are both blue eyed blondes, we melt ) outside St Peters Square.
The first street vendor wanted 10 euros. My dd was buying it herself with her own money, but I said, "no honey, thats too much" and we started to walk away. We were not bartering,, it never occurred to me that they do this.. so I was surprised when the lady called out "8 euros" so we stopped, and then a different lady jumps in front of us and says "5 euros" . We bought the 5 euro one.

I personally do not like bartering, I always feel mean, but, they were offering the lower prices so we did snap it up. I would not do it in a store.

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This has happened to me too...saw a scarf in our local market I wanted and asked how much it was...I think it was 8 euro or so...I only had small change on me (was just walking through - had not planned on shopping!) so said "'s lovely but I have little money with me" vendor said "how much do you have?"...I said 4 euro. He said "ok. 4 euro." :-) I have, BTW seen locals bargain at our market for housewares and clothes - could be regional though - our town is in the South.