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Negative Covid Test Question

We are planning on traveling to Rome in Spring 2022. Does anyone know if we have to have a negative Covid test when we return to the United States? We are fully vaccinated. Do we need a test when traveling to Rome?


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Now you do (for the Us return), in Spring '22 nobody can say....rapidly changing situation, who knows what the rules will be next week, much less 8 or 9 months from now.

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We just returned from Italy yesterday (last stop was Rome). As mentioned above, the US is currently requiring a negative Covid test for the return flight (we are also all vaccinated). I wouldn’t let that test deter you - it was very easy to get the test (ask at your hotel for a recommendation - local pharmacies are fast and efficient - I wouldn’t waste the luggage space on the expensive, proctored, bring-from-home variety). But again, as mentioned above, 9 months away is a long time in the current travel world. Just keep watching the requirements. What I will say is that our experience showed us that Europe is doing a good job of adapting to whatever those requirements are - and they are finding ways to keep tourism going, while still respecting ever changing safety considerations.

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Thank you for the latest up to day information. Wasn't sure where we would get the test over there and how fast it would be. Thanks again.