Need recommendation of airport shuttles from Rome 's FCO to hotel

I will be arriving mid-day in Rome and need feedback and suggestions on airport shuttles from FCO to hotel. Please advise.

Posted by Elizabeth
Lake Oswego, OR, United States
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I highly recommend Roma Cabs, which we have used twice to get from the airport into town (in Rome). The price was @ 50 euros or so, and worth every penny. They greet you as you exit, will show you where to find the ATM or where to purchase a Roma Pass (last time they literally walked with us to a different terminal to show us where to get the pass) and will take you right to your hotel (or as close as they can get if the lanes are too small, which is what happened the first time we used them). Very reputable- you can find them online and prebook on the internet.

Posted by Roberto
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Regular taxi at the taxi stand charge €48 flat fee to any location in the city center.

Posted by Harold
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When you say "shuttle," did you mean a private transfer like Elizabeth described, or a shared vehicle for less money? Both are available, as are several train routes, as well as regular taxis. Which is "best" depends on your budget, where exactly you are going, how many in your party, how heavily laden you are, whether anyone has a mobility impairment, etc.

Here is a post from Ron In Rome describing various options:

Posted by monicamadsen12
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I am asking about a shuttle services from FCO to my hotel not a taxi. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Laura
Rick Steves' Europe
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If your hotel is near Roma Termini train station, then train is easy. For a door-to-door shuttle, Rick's book suggests, 25 euros for first person plus 6 for each extra person.

Posted by momto3
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We are looking for transportation from Termini Station (where we are returning out rental car) to our hotel near the Pantheon. Is this easily walkable with luggage? Or should we use a taxi? We are a family of 5, so we might need to find a minivan taxi perhaps? If so, is there a reliable company that is recommended and can be booked online in advancez? Thanks!

Posted by donna
cranberry twp, PA, United States
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The walk would be at least 20 minutes.

I would book with They will meet you and take you directly to the hotel. You can find the prices on their website or email Stephano to see what they charge would be.


Posted by Frank
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My expectation is that the walk from Termini with luggage would be at least double that time. It is a good couple of miles. You might also consider driving to your hotel - if would not be that difficult from the Termini - dropping luggage and family and then return the car to the Termini and walk back.

Posted by Barb
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I am just curious. Why are you ruling out cab service? The Rome taxis are just fine and the cost is fair. If you are traveling with 5 people, a taxi/van would be your best value. The train from the airport to Roma Termini is about 14 euro pp. Then, you still need to get to Pantheon neighborhood. Unless all of you have backpacks, hauling luggage is literally and figuratively a drag. The public buses are crowded (#40/#64) and difficult to board with luggage.

Posted by Frank
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Barb, you are mixing up two threads or different questions. Monicamadsen12 had the original question about shuttles from FCO. Momto3 can along later to hijacked the question with a question about getting from Termini to their hotel. So it is an easy confusion which is a good example of why you should not hijack another person's question. If you have another question, even if it is similar, start a new question. Now Monica is getting notified of new responses to her question but it is not to her question but to Momto3's question. Confusing enough?

Posted by Barb
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Thank you Frank. I appreciate your response. I did mix-up two different people here. I will watch that more closely in future. Arrivederci! Barb