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Need help with 15 day Italy itinerary

I am taking my first trip to Italy in late May. We are arriving in Venice and departing from Rome. We will be in Italy for a total of 16 nights. Our plans are:

Venice 4 nights
Florence 4 nights
Positano 4 nights (with trips to Amalfi, Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento)
Rome - 4 nights

We are planning to take the train to and from each city. We wanted to save Rome for last since that is our departure city. Does the number of days in each city seem reasonable? I don't want regret not spending more time (or spending to much time) in any of the places.

Any feedback from seasoned travelers to Italy would be much appreciated.

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When you first arrive it's nice to get settled but I would cut a day out of Venice and go to Orvieto for one night between Florence & Positano. That way you will experience a great hilltown that's very easy to get to and very reasonably priced. I prefer basing in Sorrento over Positano as it's got more options ,better priced hotels with fantastic views & is a great transportation hub for both trains (to Pompeii) & ferries. My hotel in Sorrento (the Minerva) kept most of my luggage when I spent two nights in Positano before returning to Sorrento. Have fun

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I would shave one night off Venice and one night off Florence and spend two nights in Siena.

I can't comment on the Amalfi Coast because I've not been...yet. We're going there in September 2009.

Enjoy your four nights in Rome. One recommendation. Go to the Piazza del Popolo, sit at the obelisk at the centre of the Piazza for at least two hours and people watch. It is the most fabulous experience! That is my favourite place in the whole world!!!

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I enthusiastically concur with your proposed itinerary, which you have developed as a first trip to Italy that prefers a somewhat more relaxed pace rather than spreading yourselves too thin in a futile attempt to see everything.Because of that, I want to support you in sticking with the instinctual decisions you have already made based on your feelings of what is right for you. Allocation of # of days to each place is a matter of personal preference. My own recommendation is that you, of course, consider the suggestions kindly made here by others--but unless you feel a strong reason to do it for yourself, then stick with your initial instincts regarding the # of days in Venice and Florence.Assuming (from your original post) that your 4 days in Venice includes your arrival day, then you will be jet-lagged and tired and therefore 4 nights translates to more like 3 full days.And re Florence, one of your 4 days in Florence could be used for a day trip to Siena.

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Thanks very much for your suggestions. I think we are going to stick with original plans. I know that the first day in Venice will be jet lagged. We will possibly add a day trip to Sienna from Florence. We chose Positano over Sorrento so we would be more "off the beaten path". After spending so much time in big Italian cities, it might be a nice change of pace. Plus we were able to get a room with a view at the Residence la Tavolizza for 90 euros per night.

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I think your itinerary is good, especially if it feels right to you! The only thing I would consider is going from Positano to Pompeii and staying overnight there. It's a cute, quiet little town. You could see the ruins next day as long as you like, then train to Rome, or something along this line. Since Pompeii & Naples are on the way to Rome, it's just something to think about. Hotel Amleto in Pompeii is very nice, 1 block from town square and you wouldn't have to stay in a large city. In May I think it would be around 99E. Any way that you do it, Have a Great Trip!

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Hi Angela,

We are travelling to Italy for our honeymoon this coming May so here is our itinerary with hotels -
We are planning to book transport once we are on the ground in Italy.

Hope it might help you with your planning :)

Kindest regards,

May 11th Travel to Venice
May 12th – May 15th Venice
May 15th – May 18th Lake Garda/Sirmione
May 18th – May 21st Cinque Terre
May 21st – May 25th Amalfi Coast
May 25th – May 29th Rome

May 12th – May 15th Venice
Locanda Orseolo

May 15th – May 18th Lake Garda
Hotel Eden

May 18th – May 21st Cinque Terre
La Casa Dei Limoni

May 21st – May 23th Positano
Hotel Covo dei Saraceni

May 23rd – May 25th – Amalfi
Hotel Luna Amalfi

May 25th -29th Rome
Sant Angelo

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Angela you are going to absolutely love Residence la Tavolizza!!! We stayed there last summer for 4 nights... amazing terrace with seaside view. Try to rent a scooter and drive the Amalfi coast to Ravello. Truely breath-taking experience!!!

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Driving a scooter along the Amalfi Coast? Sounds dangerous! Glad to hear that you liked the Inn we are staying at. I was little nervous because I couldn't find a website but RS and travel advisor gives it top reviews.

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Angela I am deathly scared of heights & was able to drive it. Truely breath-taking & by far best thing I did in Italy! I took my time & let cars pass. We were able to stop for a lemon ice along the road & take in the view. Had dinner in the town of Ravello... magnificent! Most of people driving the coastal road are very experienced & were very friendly in passing. Did you request a specific room at La T? If you are arriving via bus from Sorrento make sure to exit the bus at the 2nd stop (not the entry road) for Positano as it a shorter walk to La T. Also, if you walk from that bus stop in the direction of leaving Positano around the bend is a CHEAP tiny grocery store in comparison to the stores in Positano. Have fun!

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We just returned from Italy and spent 1-night in Venice which was perfect, then headed down to Florence for 3-nights and on to Rome for 3-nights. I suggest you add onto Florence and Rome, there is so much to see and do. Maybe use some of that time for a day trip to Siena ?

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We stayed at the most incredible location in Positano.It is called La Tartana (they have a website). The photos say it all. Ask for a top floor room overlooking the sea (96 steps). They bring breakfast to your room and you take it on your private balcony. You wake to the smell of the wood fire from the restaurant on the beach. You can take a boat from the dock to Capri, and aso take the slow boat to Amalfi and photograph the Amalfi Coast.