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Need help creating an Italian itinerary for June 2008

My wife and I are arriving in Rome on 6/3/08. We're attending a friend's wedding in Vatican City on the 7th and then we fly out of Rome on the 19th. What do we do? We want to stick with public transportation and sleep cheaply, yet privately (no shared hostel rooms). After reading Rick's Italy guide and watching as many Italy videos we could get our hands on, the only reason we want to go south would be to see Pompeii and Naples. The rest would focus on the northern part. I have NO idea where to start in creating an itinerary. We know we should stay in Rome until after the wedding and, of course, we'll want to be back in Rome on the 18th. Any help from seasoned travelers out there?

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You said "sleep cheaply yet privately", in Venice and Florence in June you should be prepared to search long and hard for accomodations meeting both those requirements. Not saying it can't be done, just want you to be ready for the prices in both cities esp. in June. Cheaper sleeps can be found in the country and in places that aren't so popular. The problem with sleep cheaply is that, after converting the euro cost per night into dollars (euro cost x 1.5), well--it depends on exactly what you mean by "cheap"--but you get the idea.