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Need a new travel suitcase - Which one should I buy?

I have it down to 2 suitcases for our trip in September. One is the 20" Walkin Bag" that I saw on Magellan. It has 4 wheel to make it easier to glide and pull each way. You can sit on it, which I think is great because I have some issues with my knee. It would be great to be able to sit down while waiting in lines or on trains, etc. It weighs 8 pounds. The other is the bag on Rick's travel store. It weighs 7 pounds, has 2 wheels (Says it is good on rough surface), but I won't be able to sit on it if I need a chair and none is available. So which one should I purchase? Thank you!

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I'd go with the one you like best-that you can sit on.

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You are right. After reading what I wrote it does sound like I want the one you can sit on. I was wondering if thre was any other bag out there that would be better. We are using the Italian trains and have to "LUG" my luggage. Thanks!