Need a new B&B in Orvieto

Hey guys, I had originally taken advice from other posters on here and booked a room in La Magnolia for my two-night stay in Orvieto next April. There was a mix-up with the reservation site I used, however, and I guess my reservation got changed to earlier this month, which I didn't know until I received an email saying I had missed my reservation. I was still planning on rebooking with La Magnolia until I just got the NASTIEST email, telling me how rude I am and that I did it on purpose. I am very upset, to say the least. So one, I wanted to give people a heads up about this place. Maybe it's a perfectly fine place to stay if mistakes don't happen, but oh, beware those who do! Is this just an Italian thing? Maybe I'm too used to the American way of always being polite to customers. I certainly felt bad about the mix up, but I also didn't do anything on purpose and I was still planning on giving the B&B my business when I actually go to make up for it. Still just kind of stunned. Two, I now need a new place to stay. Any suggestions? We're on a budget but would prefer a private bed and bath. We don't need fancy, just clean AND polite!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Sounds like you got some good recommendations. On the other side of the coin, I missed five (!) connections to Matera and had to tell the B&B owner that I would arrive the next day. They had to pay the commission to the booking company anyway, but they were nothing but kind and polite. They waited for me until 8:30pm the next night (trains and buses were sparsely scheduled), I ended up staying four nights instead of two, and they drove me to the station when I checked out. And together we got the booking company to cancel the charge for the lost night, since I added nights to the stay. Everyone won.

Posted by Susan
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We liked Hotel Corso-clean, quiet, and inexpensive. Bathroom ensuite, of course, comfortable bed, and breakfast was good.

Posted by Tim
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Just curious...was the mixup because of date format mm/dd/yyyy versus dd/mm/yyyy?

Posted by Charlene
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What is it with B&B's in Orvieto? Three years ago, my brother died the day before we were to fly to Italy. We were going first to Sorrento for 6 days, then to Orvieto for 1 night at B&B Ripa Medici. I emailed the B&B owner immediately to cancel, and she sent a very huffy reply saying this was a big inconvenience to her, as she had turned down other inquiries for that night. A death in the family ... and no sympathy or condolences, but instead a big inconvenience. I had planned to rebook with her when we rearranged our vacation, but after that response, no way. I recommend you avoid this place as well, if it's still in business.

Posted by Teresa
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I'm not sure what happened with the mix up. I will admit part of the problem is that I assumed the dates on the confirmation email were correct. I even actually went over it so I could put all the data into a trip planning program, but I guess I skipped right over the dates - I just assumed they were right, and we all know what assuming does! But the B&B owner then assumed I skipped out on purpose and reacted off the cuff, so that's their problem. I'll check your suggestion, Susan. Thanks!

Posted by Naomi
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I will also second B&B Valentino. In fact, I was just there this last April, and got to know Valentina very well, so if you do contact them, you can tell her that Teddy Bayer recommended her. We were on a tour and part of our group stayed at another B&B, so if she doesn't have any vacancies, she may be helpful with finding you another place. She is lovely, and they have a great breakfast spread. And no, I have no connection, other than being there for 7 days in April 2012. I have been to Orvieto before, and stayed at Hotel Corso, but B&B Valentina is just a lot more room and very convenient to everything.

Posted by Michael
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Another option is B&B Garibaldi. We stayed there last year and really enjoyed it. Davide, the owner, is one of the nicest most helpful people you'll meet in Italy.

Posted by Sharon
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Hi Teresa,
This doesn't answer your question but we spent 3 nights at La Magnolia in Orvieto last week. We found it to be a wonderful place to stay and Serena couldn't have been kinder. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience - based on our experience, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. We have also stayed at Hotel Corso - it's a great location - clean and comfortable.

Posted by Karen
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I too had a wonderful experience with La Magnolia in 2008. Serena was very kind and flexible.

Posted by Anita
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Teresa, I understand that you are upset by a nasty email and I agree that is unprofessional and un-business-like. However, I think it's unfair to give La Magnolia a bad review based on your experience since you didn't check the dates on your reservation confirmation. That is, after all, the reason for sending a confirmation. You say maybe you are "too used to the American way of always being polite to customers." The American way is also to take a credit card number and deposit so that if a customer mises a reservation, the hotel or b&b can charge for at least part of the missed stay. When I stayed at La Magnolia, Serena confirmed my reservation by email but did not ask for a credit card or deposit, and therefore had no way to charge for a missed reservation. In a small b&b, a missed stay is a significant loss of revenue. I found this b&b to be clean, comfortable, well-located, and very inexpensive, and Serena was charming and helpful. I will continue to reocmmend La Magnolia.

Posted by Teresa
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It would be not fair if I acted like I stayed there and didn't. I gave a clear description of what happened. Yes, I made a mistake and admitted that. But I also believe this person was very unprofessional in sending a rude and ranting email to me. I've never treated any client that way even when they were at fault. You can state how you are upset without being rude about it. And again, I gave an accurate description of what happened so that people can judge for themselves. If they aren't bothered by it, then fine. And others have also left updates about how they enjoyed their stay. The sharing of all information is a great thing in our world and I think makes everything better.