nebulizer in italy

i use a nebulizer. we are going to italy for 2 weeks; rome, orvieto, assisi, florence, venice. i will need to plug it in every four hours during the day. in small towns like orvieto, chiusi. civitas, and assisi, if I'm out walking around, are there places that i can 'plug it in' without going back to my hotel?

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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It's hard to say. Electricity rates are much higher in Italy than in the US and most Italians are conservative with their use. For example, many Italians unplug all clocks and other electronic devices before going on vacation. You also won't find as many electronic outlets in hotel rooms as you would in North America. A bar may let you plug in your nebulizer but you will certainly need to buy a coffee or something to drink to sit down. At the sights you may not have any options.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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rich, Before connecting your Nebulizer in Europe, you'll first have to determine whether it's designed for multi-voltage operation. If the product you're using is only designed for 115 VAC, it will self-destruct quickly the first time you connect it in Europe (possibly with a spectacular display of sparks and smoke). To answer your question, it's doubtful that you'll find outlets in public places where you can connect the Nebulizer. They may be few and far between. Keep in mind that many of the buildings are old, and may have limited electrics installed, especially in public areas. Although I haven't specifically looked, I don't recall seeing any outlets in the seating areas of restaurants or other facilities in Italy (although there may be a few). Good luck and happy travels!

Posted by Richard
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If you are in small towns I'll assume you are renting a car in which case a 12 volt adapter would allow you to charge off the car battery. If you are out walking around you will need to stay wherever you plug in for at least an hour or more to wait for the recharge. With a language barrier it may be difficult to explain why you need access to an electrical outlet while you hang out. It would make more sense to take an extra battery pack (or more) so you could return to your room every 8 hours.

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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When I'm in Europe, I'm seldom walking around any city for more than 4 hours without going back to my room for a short rest and sometimes a siesta. If you're on a set schedule, it'll be more comfortable if you stay in a center city location and run your "puffer" in your room. It's just more personal than doing it in a McDonalds or Internet Cafe. And by the way, your cities on your schedule are fantastic.