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Hello Fellow Travel Enthusiasts~ My husband and I will be on the Amalfi Coast in October. We would like to fly from Naples to Palermo for the day for some sightseeing. Ideally, we would leave in the morning and fly back later that evening. I found a company that would supply transportation to and from Naples, as well as sightseeing in Palermo but they do not coordinate flights or overnights if needed. I checked out Volotea and the flights were very reasonable, but I couldn't seem to book same day travel. In a nutshell, we would like to experience Sicily while we are there. Does anyone know of an agency that could put together a reasonably priced day trip from Naples or a reasonably priced overnight flight package (include hotel) that I could look into? We are traveling from Boston to Italy via Alitalia and when I looked into this trip, they redirected me to Delta for "vacation packages" and it wouldn't allow me to book an Italy to Italy package...
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Posted by Tim
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As you've no doubt discovered, Volotea's flight times may not match your needs and they don't fly Naples-Palermo every day. According to the search engine, you'll have many flights from which to choose if you fly Alitalia.

Posted by Roberto
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That would be possible only with Alitalia's Regional Airline (Airone Cityliner) which has two flights daily in each direction early in the AM and late PM.
Volotea only has a daily, and not every day. You couldn't go back and forth on the same day. Not sure though if it's worth flying to Sicily just for less than 12 hours on the ground. You won't be even able to see all that Palermo has to offer. You should look for a day trip closer to Naples and leave Sicily for another trip when you can do Sicily for at least 8-10 days. Sicily is bigger than Massachusetts and Rhode Island combined (actually even bigger than Vermont) and has a lot to offer.

Posted by elise
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Thank you to both of you for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I am sure there is so much to see, we would love to really commit to the area but we are only in Italy for a short period of time and I would love to take advantage of the 45 minute flight time to Palermo from Naples. I know this sounds crazy but we would be happy just seeing a bit of it. I will post the outcome of this potential quest. : ) Thanks again for your input~