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Hi everyone. My husband and I will be in Naples for four nights in September. I feel like I need some advice on which would be the best neighbourhood(s) for us to stay in. We're in our late 20s and have traveled extensively in Italy and Europe, but never been to Naples. I'm not paranoid, but I am aware of Naples' reputation, so would like to stay in a neighbourhood where I feel safe. From what I gather, I shouldn't stay around the train station, and maybe not even in the Centro Storico? We will be visiting the Archeological Museum, and will be taking a day trip to Mt. Vesuvius. We will probably also go to Pompeii again. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Michael
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And you usually don't need to rely on a webcam, now that Google Maps Streetview has such impressive coverage. They still can't get into a lot of the pedestrian only places, though.

Posted by Ken
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Karlie, For your stay in Naples, you might have a look at Hotel Chiaia. It's in a nice neighborhood, and yet convenient walking distance to the Archeological Museum and other sites. They have a live Webcam on their site, so you'll be able to have a "look" at the neighborhood. While there, be sure to pay a visit to the Gran Caffé Gambrinus (at the end of the street where the hotel is located). Having some Limoncello on the outside patio in the evenings while people watching is always fun! Happy travels!

Posted by Roberto
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Chiaia neighborhood near Piazza Plebiscito is the place to stay.

Posted by Ken
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@Michael, The nice thing about the Webcam is that it's live. Google Street View is definitely a good resource, but as I recall it doesn't extend up Via Chiaia (while the Webcam does). Cheers!

Posted by Janet
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I haven't been there (yet!) but I like the looks of B&B Dante - and that's the neighborhood we prefer.

Posted by Kat
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I'm also in my late 20's, and I've traveled twice to Naples all by my lonesome. I've stayed in the centro storico both times, and never felt unsafe. Sure, it's a bit grimy, but that does not in any way equate with unsafe. I've stayed at Hotel Correra 241, and I really recommend it. The decor is kind of endearing in its funkiness, and the staff are absolutely lovely, and so helpful. The hotel is spotlessly clean, and its location places it less than ten minutes from almost all the major sites in Naples.

Posted by Mike
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I like the Hostel of the Sun.. Its a reasonably handy location esp if you will be staying a few nights. Nice place to do laundry and the owner is a hoot. I stayed in a private room there a floor or two down from the reception and really liked it. The area around there is fine, plus its easy to see most of the sites from there. The train station is a bit of a walk.. maybe 30ish minutes. I'm not a big fan of the area around the train station but more because its seems like an odd bazaar more than it feels unsafe. I didnt feel unsafe in the slightest anywhere in Naples but my comfort level falls more in the area away from the station.

Posted by Karlie
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Thank you very much for all of the insight everyone! I've been busy booking other accommodations for my trip, but now I am ready to fully devote myself to Naples. I'm going to read the guidebook and take all of your suggestions into account, and hopefully get this figured out right away.