Naples, Italy

There will be 3 of us staying in Naples for 4 nights. We would like to stay close to the city center and transportation. Where do you recommend staying? Are there any B&B's that are reliable?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Why are you staying in Naples four nights? It is barely worth two.

Posted by Ken
Lafayette, Colorado
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I agree with Frank; unless you have a very specific reason for staying in Naples, I'd stay in Sorrento and day trip by train to see the sights of Naples. Naples has a lot to offer, but I'd prefer to sleep elsewhere.

Posted by Mike
Charlotte, NC, USA
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In Sept 2010, we stayed at the Decumani Hotel de Charme in Naples. I recommend that you read the Trip Advisor reviews: In contrast to our first impressions, the area proved to be quite safe and was quite convenient to most things we wanted to do. We took a taxi only once or twice. We stayed two nights. Be sure to go to the Archeology Museum.

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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If you wonder why all the "Why stay in Naples?" questions, it's because Naples seems to be more difficult to enjoy than a lot of other destinations in Italy, at least for many if not most first-time American travelers to Italy. That said, some people absolutely love Naples.

Posted by Laraine
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we are staying 5 nights in Rome. The remaining 4 nights we thought Naples might be a good spot to land. We are flying home from Naples. So would everyone recommend 2 in Naples and 2 in Sorrento? Or how would you do it?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Laraine, First of all, four nights in Naples is not necessarily unreasonable. It has it's own "charms" and I wouldn't mind staying there for that length of time. Be sure to try the excellent Pizza! While Sorrento is also a beautiful spot, given the fact that your flight home is from Naples, my preference would be to stay there and take day trips, just to avoid changing hotels. The decision will probable depend a lot on what you're planning to do and see in that area. I'd highly recommend Hotel Chiaia. It's in a nice part of the city and close to the famous Gran Caffe Gambrinus. Sitting on their outside patio in the evening with a decadent dessert or a glass (or more) of Limoncello is an experience I quite enjoy. When visiting Naples, be sure to wear a Money Belt and be sure to read the warnings in the Guidebook regarding Taxis. If you need transportation to the airport, I'd ask the hotel staff to arrange it.

Posted by Janet
Colorado, USA
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We love Naples! You might take a look at B&B Dante.

Posted by Laraine
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This is my 3rd trip to Italy, but it is the first for my two friends. I have not been below Rome. I have stayed in some beautiful places and some not so hot. I just tried the Chiaja Hotel and nothing is available for our dates. Any other suggestions in the same area?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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The area around Piazza Plebiscito (called Chiaia) is very good. Mergellina is probably the most upscale,but maybe not as convenient to walk to sights and to the Molo Beverello where the ferries dock.

Posted by Christine
Lawrence, KS, USA
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Laraine, I have not been to Italy yet. I will be there from the 24th to the 30th of September. I am staying at Hotel Siri. I found this hotel through, as recommended by others at the RS website. According to the information provided by the hotel it is only 200 meters from the Central Station. I also am flying out of Naples and I am truly looking forward to seeing Pompeii and Herculaneum. I also plan on a "down" day by taking a day cruise to one of the nearby islands. I know people say to be wary of Naples, which we should be anywhere, especially new places, but let your interests help guide you. Christine

Posted by Janet
Maple Grove, MN
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Recently returned from a 3 week girl's trip to Italy and we did a 6 hour Naples blitz enroute from Florence to Sorrento. Have been to Italy many times but never to Naples. On a previous Italy trip we drove on by Naples as my husband didn't want to drive here and I didn't blame him. I have always wanted to go to the Archaeological museum to see the Pompeii artifacts so we stowed our bags at the train station and saw Naples! Also did the walking tour in the R.S. book and had some Neopolitan pizza. We never felt unsafe and glad we got to see a bit of Naples. Since you are flying out of Naples it does make sense to stay here rather than to split your time between Sorrento and Naples. Be sure and get the Campania ArteCard. We got the three-day Tutta la Regione version and was well worth it. It is 32 Euros now and we purchased ours at the TI at the Naples Centrale train station near track 23. Details are in the R.S. book in the Naples chapter and it includes transportation on buses, subway, Circumsuviana train, etc. It is good for 3 days and doesn't expire until midnight of the third day. i.e. If you activate it Monday sometime it would be good until Thursday at midnight. Have a great trip!

Posted by Laraine
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Thank you everyone. All your input has been very helpful. I believe we have narrowed it down to where we want to stay. It will be in the middle of October. So we still have sometime to make reservations

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I love Naples. The area near the train station can seem a little chaotic, but there are great hotels and B&Bs in that area, as well as Chaia. The train station area is great for transportation links for daytrips, but it's pretty easy to walk around Naples from almost everywhere.

Posted by Jan
Arlington, VA, USA
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Try Hotel Rex in Naples. Loved it & Naples. We were there 2 nights in 2011. Check trip advisor for reviews.

Posted by Carol
Martinez, CA, USA
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We stayed in Naples 3 nights in 2011 at Hotel Cavour near the train station and loved it! You can check them on We enjoyed the hotel and since they served dinner we were not out after dark. Yes it was chaotic but also very convenient. Naples has a lot to offer. We found the people to be very helpful, even stopping to ask if we needed help when they saw us take out our tourist map. We hope you enjoy your time there.

Posted by Cindi
Montclair, Virginia, United States
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We LOVE Sorrento!! It's amazing and I like it MUCH better than Naples. Once I saw the outskirts/ back areas of Naples that you see from the motorway, I've never wanted to stay in the city again!!!!! Highly recommend Sorrento!!! The Hilton is great!!!!

Posted by Irene
Boston, MA
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I loved hotel Piazza Bellini. It is very central, reasonably priced and safe. I walked everywhere from there, stayed 3 nights and wished I had another day in Naples. As for taxes, ask the hotel for a price - there is a fixed price from the train station to the hotel or to the airport. Agree on the price before you get in the cab. If you are going to the airport from the hotel, ask the hotelier to call for a cab, that way you won't get ripped off. It worked for me, I had no problems and price didn't change.
Enjoy Naples and don't listen to people who have never been beyond the train station there!

Posted by Judy
Adelaide, SA, Australia
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My daughter and I stayed one night in Naples. One night too many!!! Having said that, the museum was well worth seeing. I would stay in Sorrento without a doubt.