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My son(15 years old) & I will be travelling via train from Rome to Naples to get to Mezzatorre Resort on Ischia. We will be at the Mezzatorre for 5 days then back to Naples and take the train to Rome to fly back to USA that day. I want to know the safest way to get from train station in Naples to the Mezzatorre Resort no matter the cost. What would you suggest?

Posted by kat
tampa, fl, usa
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Didn't look at website for that specifically. My concern is getting to water transfer . I will call them. Thanks for advice

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Are you concerned about physical safety? Taxis are fine.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Your question suggests an unfounded fear of Naples...I've travelled there solo,took a hydrofoil from the Margellina port (not to Ischia, but to Capri) and had no issues. Just take precautions and keep watch over your belongings on the boat. PS. Naples may feel unsafe because it's chaotic and full of people and all kinds of characters - but it's no different than NYC or similar cities that are brimming with life. It gets a bad rap because I think it intimidates a lot of people and old stereotypes die hard - that's not to say that everyone will love it or be enamored by it - a lot of people don't - but that chaos does not equal crime or lack of safety (relatively speaking of course). I think if you can learn some "must know" phrases in Italian, it may help you feel more confident in navigating there.

Posted by kat
tampa, fl, usa
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Thanks so much for all the advice.., yes physical safety was my concern with all I have heard and read ...,

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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There is a fixed rate taxi fare from the station to the harbour (MUNICIPIO/ BEVERELLO or ALISCAFI MERGELLINA) Here is a link to the official site (first listed) showing the fares and what you need to do to ensure you do not pay more than you need, it is the third link on the right hand side of the page. Perhaps print out a copy to take with you? Only take an official taxi from the rank at the station.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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safest way to get from train station in Naples to the Mezzatorre Resort no matter the cost. I really don't think it would be necessary, and it would likely be fairly expensive, but either an armored car like the President has, with several decoy cars, would likely be the safest. Maybe a private helicopter with fighter escort? Really, you are unlikely to need either. Its not that bad. And now that the Sopranos are one down (RIP, James G) you should be just that bit safer.

Posted by Greg
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
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I agree with the other posts, my wife and I spent 2 days in Naples recently, and travelled between the train station and the marina by taxi (not expensive - 10 or 12 Euros). We walked all thru Naples and found it just as safe as any other city.
We found the taxi drivers very helpful.

Posted by Rose
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Maybe it was fireworks? We heard street fireworks in Rome on the days leading up to New Years. Could have been mistaken for small bombs or even gunfire.

Posted by kat
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Thanks so much. I have travelled alot alone with my son to major cities and have no worries. It is the unknown that is concerning especially when probably exaggerated by others. One person told me they heard gun fire as they walked thru Naples...that's why I was worried. Thanks again for all the input we are so excited about our trip.
Happy travels to all!!!!!!!

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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I can't imagine hearing gunfire in Naples. Someone was pulling your leg, possibly to make a point about how they didn't like Naples.

Posted by LaRae
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Had so many people tell me Marseille wasn't safe. Didn't see any problems or encounter any while there. Had a great time and felt safe. I'm sure the same is true for Naples. Cruise boats and lots of tourists go there every year. Go have a great time. It is not Rio.

Posted by Carol
Martinez, CA, USA
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Naples is as dangerous as any other city of that size. In 2011 we spend 3 nights in Naples, staying in a hotel on Piazza Garibaldi to be near the train station, and we loved it! Yes, we were told it was a dangerous city, but we found the people to be friendly and very helpful. Our hotel had a restaurant so we were not out after dark, but we used public transportation and walked to all the sights we wanted and never felt uncomfortable. Just take normal precautions as you would no public transportations in any major city.