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My husband and I are arriving in Naples on Dec 30th mid-day and staying until the next day. Any suggestions on what we should see and where to eat on our short stay? Is it safe? I've heard some negative things so want to understand what to except and where are the safest places in Naples to visit. Any recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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i spent 3 days in naples in july. additionally i spent 28 days in sicily staying in cities like palermo, catania and several others. i also lived in los angeles for 32 years. i can tell without hesitation that i felt less threatened anywhere in italy than in la or any other city in the usa. point is naples is no more dangerous than any big city. just take common-sense precautions and you will be fine. given the short time you have, just walking around the historic center will give you a feel for the place. one place i recommend is santa chiara, especially the majolica-covered cloister.

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You’ll see a more colorful side of Naples if you explore the Spanish Quarter.

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We LOVED Naples. It’s a vibrant city with so many things to do. They have a fabulous archeological museum that would enhance Pompeii if you happen to be going there. We never felt unsafe, even late in the evening.

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The National Archaeology Museum is a Wow. It's also opposite the starting point for the RS self-guided city walking tour that is very good.

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Just spent 3 days in Naples and while it was very crowded all the time I never once felt unsafe. We stayed on Via Toledo and it was quite loud and chaotic but we loved it. We just ate in a various small restaurants that we found.

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Please post what you like to do? Museums? Churches? Pompeii is next door... there is a lot of stuff underground naples, lots of WWII history.. catacombs etc... give us an idea what you like to do please

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The best kept secret about Naples is how much fun it can be. It is an exercise in excess, in every respect. Rick Steves notes that Naples is very Italian, very flamboyantly so.

Stanley Tucci loved Naples in his latest CNN miniseries, and you can see how exuberant the city and its citizens are.

We stayed away from the "famous" pizza places, preferring to do our own research, and were rewarded by incredible food at 50 Kalo, as well as other places all across the city.

By all means, consider taking a funicular from Centro Storico up to the Vomero and then traveling by bus along Via Manzoni to view the city from high atop Posillipo, and maybe take a train out to Pozzouli to see the 3rd largest amphitheater ever built. It was begun by Nero, and is wide open with no crowds.

Sadly, your visit will be too short to do many things, but the energy is contagious. Be aware, however, that if your plans change and you will be in town on December 31, the New Years celebration in Naples is unlike anyplace else in the world. Not for beginners, but definitely an experience. Safety wasn't a consideration on my last visit. It's my favorite Italian city.

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We were just in Naples from Nov. 11-14. Came in by train from Rome. Stayed in a hotel on Via Chiaia, which is a pedestrian street at the south end of Via Toledo. Probably overpaid a little for the taxi from the train station but that's my fault for not getting the price up front. Went to the Archaeological Museum and did Rick Steves' Naples walk which we'd downloaded. Had intentions of going to Capodimonte Art Museum but didn't make it. Didn't stay out super late but felt safe after dark in the neighborhood of the hotel and the Spanish Quarter. Walked to the port to take a ferry to Capri one day. Had a great experience in the city. The only thing that made me nervous were the motor scooters. They do whatever they want. It'll be cool enough at the end of December to keep a neck pouch well concealed inside a coat or under layers. Just be aware of your surroundings and it should be fine.

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John you felt safe in the Spanish Quarters, probably the most notorious district of downtown Naples.