naples campania arte card - HELP

hello! the website for this card is so confusing. can someone please confirm: - its good on all transit in naples, metro and trams (?)
- on all circumvesuviana trains it also appears that its good for the airport shuttle to centrale but i dont see that you can pick it up or purchase at the airport? i am arriving at the airport so i would want to use it upon arrival. thank you.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Well, I can't help here, sorry. I've never heard of this card - I'm glad to make its acquaintance. But I will say, if you think that the RomaPass is a confusing and complicated product that may, or may not, be worth the money - = - you ain't seen nothing until you've looked at the webpage for this Naples card. So many convolutions, and for all that money you only get to go in 2 places and then cheap transit? I couldn't work out the answer to your question, Jennifer, looking in 3 places.

Posted by Rosalyn
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I'll add to Nigel's glum view on this card that when we tried to buy it, no one had it. Not any of the sites - - - e.g., Archaeological Museum, and not the TI Office. Lots of luck with this one.

Posted by jennifer
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nigel, you forgot to mention that at some point, the website goes back to italian even when you have it on english!

Posted by Carol
Martinez, CA, USA
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In 2011 we bought the Campania Artecard but we bought it at the Naples Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi, having arrived in Naples by train from another part of Italy. Their website shows an email address of Have you tried emailing to see if they have better instructions and to confirm that you can use it for the airport shuttle? We found it was very useful but I seem to recall that the one we bought was good for 3 days so we were careful as to when we started using to be sure it was still valid when we entered the archaeological sites. Good luck in finding one!

Posted by Linda
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At the bottom right hand of the price page it only says that it is available at Naples rail station, Naples Museum and archaelogical sites. I remember reading somewhere that they have not sold it at the airport for a while but who knows because I saw it for sale at Sorrento railway station last week! In addition to the two free entries you also get 50% off at other sites.

Posted by gerri
lexington, il
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you can buy the card online or at the Naples train sttion. If they didn"t move it while remodling last year, it should be to the left as you walk into the station around track 18...its by the bathrooms! Look for the blue sign with a yellow I inside a circle. The site for the card is kinda confusing until you play around with it. Go to the bottom of the arte card page, the sights are listed, click on one and it brings up all info: times, day closed, how to get there. It pays for itself if you hit Pompeii, the Archological Museum and 2 trips on the circumvesuvian. The other option if you're in the area for 4-5 days would be the 7 day card which includes 5 free sites. This makes sense if you only travel inside the city.
The site has some great printable maps for the metro, bus and metro connections and of the Sorentine area.