I will be in Naples for several days in May (mostly to see Pompeii) but I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a place to stay? Midprice maybe close to the water? Thanks

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I Generally prefer to stay in the Amalfi coast or sorrento and visit Pompeii from there. Do you absolutely need to be in Naples?

Posted by Chris
Erie, CO, USA
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That is where we fly out of and we only have a 2 days so I would hate to spend it traveling back and forth to get to the airport

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Then look for a hotel in the following areas: -Riviera di Chiaia all the way to piazza del Plebiscito
-Lungomare di Mergellina I'd Stay away from the Train station area, although it may be convenient to catch the vesuviana to Pompeii. Don't like that area too much. Use taxis from the hotel to the airport if you have luggage (not the bus). Naples is beautiful, but watch out for scams and pickpockets in crowded areas and buses. Avoid ostensibly carrying jewels, rolex watches, fancy smartphones, bullion of gold. Most importantly passport should be left at the hotel. I don't want to scare you but Naples has a certain reputation, so it's better to be careful than sorry. Nothing has ever happened to me, but several of my relatives in Italy weren't so lucky.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Chris, You might try Hotel Chiaia in Naples. I found that to be both a safe and convenient area to stay. The Hotel is in the same building as an Embassy, so it's a nice neighborhood. However, I'm not sure if it's what you'd consider "midprice"? Be sure to stop at Gran Caffè Gambrinus on the corner for some fine pastries, coffee, or perhaps some Limoncello. The Hotel will be able to arrange reliable transport to the airport. Happy travels!