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Have you traveled in this area? We are flying into Naples in a couple of weeks and going from the airport via taxi(?) to central station. We will take the train south to Agropoli. Can you help us with any information of advice? Thanks

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We didnt like Naples it felt very seedy to us. Watch your bags, and such. Stick to main roads and areas, taxis are reasonable and have or should have fixed prices.

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We are not fans of Naples. Watch out at station
for pickpockets as well as scams by people dressed
like train officials. I understand Naples has been
in a garbage strike for several weeks, months.

May be some health concerns.

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We spent a wonderful day in Naples yesterday. Visiting the Archeological Museum was a real highlight of our trip!! Train station is busy and confusing. Arrive as early in the day as possible, read Rick's info on trains in Italy, take a deep breath and head to the ticket machines. They really aren't too difficult to understand if you take your time. Also there is a 'real person' ticket line which is long and slow but you can talk to someone who can help. We arrived st the Naples train station from Rome, took a 10 minute taxi ride to the port (15 Euros) and had a great trip to Sorrento - just a thought.

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Like Sara, we are very interested in the Naples area. Flying into Naples in September. Taking shuttle bus to Sorrento. Then after a couple days going back to Naples on the Circumvesuviana and catching a train out of Napoli Centreal to Rome.

From what I've heard the trash situation is getting better slowly but we are really blind information wise. All the stories and pictures we've seen are a month old.

We would kindly appreciate any information concerning Naples transportation hubs and general appearance of the city.

Thanks in advance for your information!

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We took the bus from the sirport to the train station. The TI at the airport told us where to get it. One time we took the "Alibus", 20 minute trip, runs hourly 3E$. We also took the "ANM" bus # 35. It is only a buck, runs every 15 minutes, but takes 30 minutes. Either one is a piece of cake.

Be careful when in Naples, but........ we had no problems. We took Rick's "downtown walk", ate pizza at a sidewalk cafe (fantastic!), and went to the Museum (a must!). Follow Rick's directions on how to get to the Museum.

The TI at the train station was really helpful. We stored our luggage at the train station when we explored the city.

We asked the cabbies what the price was going to be (cab ride back and forth to the docks), and found that they would negotiate on pricing. (we walked away, and found the price dropping immediately!)

Besides taking Rick's book on our Italy trips,we ALWAYS take a copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook. More detail, and better restaurant info, etc.

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Be cautious, but don't be frightened! If you look distracted and have 4 bags per person strewn about, you're a target. If you're a Rick Steves traveler with one bag and prepare in advance, no problems. I was there last fall, went to the Archeological museum like an earlier poster did and loved it. Even took the subway back to the train station, no problems. To me when I think of Naples I think of those circa 1900 pictures of NYC where you see peddlers and so on crowding the sidewalks in old black-and-white photos. Except in Naples its real-life and in color! In fact, we walked from the train station to the museum, stopping for pizza and coffee along the way. Even used my halting Italian from a phrase book to ask for directions and some guy was nice enough to help us.

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Hey, Naples reminded me of NYC a little as well.. It's bustling and crowded. After Naples, Rome seemed a little slow honestly! I loved the city after 1 day.
Sara, the central station is an area where being cautious is best for your belongings. I would not recommend wandering around the train station, since the Napoli-Agropoli line leaves almost once per hour, that shouldn't be a problem. The taxi will drop you off in front of the main doors & the platform is a short walk away - ticketing is nearby as well. If you need to use an ATM for cash, I HIGHLY recommend you use it at the airport first. If you wish to visit the city, do it later as a day trip from Agropoli.

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We too do not like Naples. Could not get out of there fast enough. Compared to the other cities in Italy we find Naples dirty/seedy and FULL of trash and trash fires. The trash issue is not getting better that we could see. (July 30-Aug 3) We spent our time based in Massa Lubrense, near Sorrento and while the smoke was on the horizon we did not have the stink there like in Pompeii and Naples. Mt Vesuvious was lost in a smelly haze.

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i went in april: was told "get in and out: naples is dirty , polluted, crowded"..i was going to stay there 0ne was dirty, polluted, crowded, and i LOVED NAPLES!
the MOST italian of rome and florence , the other places i went..the people were great, the food outstanding. i stayed 5 days.was out in the streets ALL day and night..the piazzas were..well u have to go to see.fewer tourists.
one thing that struck me after leaving: yeah i saw cops standing around, and i think 2 "pullovers"..and when i get back to America, i am like "what the HELL is going on around here?" [i am in the mts. of colorado]..fear abounds here..i forgot how to feel free, and happy, until Naples.
i am going to do a post re: money belts, as soon as i find the appropriate listing..

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its a bit late for this reply but if anybody has had the pleasure of having a coffee at the napoli stazione centrale and can remember the brand of coffee served there can you let me know it would be much appreciated-thanks