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My Way Tour- where will our tour stay while in It Riviera?

Just wondering what town or city we will be sleeping in while in the Italian Riviera on our My Way tour this spring. it looks like the 2nd full day is spent in Chinque terra but are we staying in Chinque terra or in a town outside of Chinque Terra ?

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You won't get an answer here - email your tour coordinator.

Also it is Cinque Terre

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You should receive a full hotel list for the tour, or find it with other documents online under "My Account," at least 30 days in advance of the tour departure. If you need to email, then please include your tour date to make the lookup easier.

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Thanks for correcting my spelling Christine. My question is more for previous tour members who stayed in the Italian Riviera while on the My Way Italy tour. The hotel list isn’t available until March so any info from My Way Italy travelers is greatly appreciated.

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I took this tour in October of last year and we stayed in Monterosso al Mare. I know though, from experience, that the hotels are not the same on all tours. It's a great tour and you will have a great time. Make sure that you book things that you want to see early, especially in Florence and Rome.

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Thanks Laura and Leslie,
I understand that II’ll have to wait for the hotel list. I was a bit confused by the itinerary as to whether or not the Chinque Terre was considered part of the Italian Riviera and where we might be sleeping just to get some bearings on a map as we plan our excursions. We are getting excited for our trip, it will be my first to Europe!

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When will your tour be taking place? Based on my observations over the years, you'll likely be saying in either Monterosso or Levanto, which is the next town north of Monterosso. Either of those towns are great and they're only about five minutes apart by train. Levanto is not officially part of the Cinque Terre but it's much the same as the five towns of the Cinque Terre. Both Monterosso and Levanto have nice beaches, beautiful scenery and lots of nice restaurants.

Do you have any idea on what type of activities or excursions you might enjoy while you're visiting that area?

As this is your first trip to Europe, you might find it helpful to read Europe Through The Back Door prior to your trip.

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To help in advance of your trip, you should know a couple of things about Italian pronunciation to avoid confusion while you're there. "chi" is pronounced in Italian like the English word "key", meaning the ch is a hard k sound. So "Chinque" would be pronounced by an Italian as "keen-kway".

This is why people are correcting your spelling. Think zucchini and Pinocchio to remember that "chi" is "kee."

Have a wonderful trip.