My way tour to Italy

I am going to Italy on a MyWay tour in May. I was wondering if the guide that meets you in Venice can plan a tour for you further along in the trip? For example if I would like to plan a wine tasting is Assisi, can I ask the guide that meets us in Venice to do this? Has anyone attempted this? thanks for the help

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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I haven't had experience with MyWay tours, but it's pretty easy to book day tours yourself over the internet. Doing so will allow you to pick tours that specifically meet your needs. The RS guidebooks (and others) have recommendations for day tour guides/vendors, and there's also a section on this message board for day tour recommendations. I've used Context Travel in Venice, Rome, and Florence (as well as in other countries) with great results. As an aside: although I've spent a lot of time in Assisi, it's not a place I particularly would associate with wine tasting, but wine isn't an interest of mine, so maybe I missed part of the Assisi experience.

Posted by Frances
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I was on the My Trip tour in September - it was great and it really depends on who your "escort" is for the trip. Some will provide a lot of additional info and others refer you to the info in the RS book. You can call the tour desk before you trip to ask them lots of questions about coordinating further adventures on your trip. On my trip several people would hop on the train when we were in a city and go to where they wanted to .....e.g. one couple went by train to Pisa, another small group went to Lucca. That is what I like about the trip. PS: the escort told us that they were told in the office not to be a guide, but to be an escort. Our escort did hold "office hours" at each hotel to provide additional info on a person to person basis..... but each escort is different.
You will LOVE the My Trip - it was perfect !!

Posted by Chris
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I guess my concern was getting to a tour I booked on line, since I would not have a car and limited time

Posted by Ken
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Chris, I've never tried the My Way tours, but have encountered several in my travels and have spoken to both tour members and the Guides. The concept of My Way Tours is that tour members plan their own sightseeing in each location. From what I've seen, the Tour Escort is available at times during the day to assist group members and provide information or suggestions. I'm not sure if they would be willing to arrange specific tours. As someone else mentioned, this may depend on which Tour Escort is assigned to your tour. The best way to answer this question would be to call the Tour Office. Some of the staff in the Tour department are also Guides, so they'd be the best qualified to provide answers. Happy travels!