MXP to Neive Travel Question

I need to get from MXP to Nieve, as much as possible by train as I will not have a car. After researching the Trenitalia site I can get to either Alba or Asti easily enough but there are no solutions offered to Neive, so I assume that there is no rail service there. We will be making this connection directly upon arrival from Newark so will be willing to hire a taxi if feasible. Some info on getting to Neive from either Alba or Asti along with a rough idea of cost would be most appreciated. The rail trip from MXP to Asti appears to be about half the price of going to Alba and also is much easier (fewer changes) and shorter.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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I did a quick search on the local newspapers on line in the area. Apparently the line Asti-Alba (on which Neive is) was closed in 2010 primarily for low volume but also because it needs upgrade (and a new tunnel). The Piedmont region however doesn't want to shell out the money for the project, and much to the local communities' chagrin, the line is still closed to this day (as a matter of fact I found an article dated today, since the local communities want the train back). But, although the train is no longer in service, I found you a bus which has replaced the train on that route (from Asti to Alba). The bus departs from in front the Asti train station (Piazza Medaglie D'Oro) and the timetable is below: