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Museum Reservations in Florence

My friend and I are going to be in Florence for a few days in the middle of March. I really want to see some of the art museums, particularly the Uffizi Gallery. Should we make reservations? And, if so, where (and when) should we do so? If we don't make reservations, is there a wait or line to get into the museum or is it basically mandatory to have a reservation?

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Kent's being nice enough to give you options. Personally, I'd say emphatically Yes, you really want to make a reservation unless you like standing in a long line. It's not mandatory, but my vacations are short enough as it is without spending them waiting around...

Call ahead at least a week or two beforehand.



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A comment on the reservations.

Expect a long wait on the phone (expensive from the U.S. unless you have Skype or similar) for an English speaking operator. So if you have a friend that speaks Italian, have them talk so you can select the Italian operator and get quick response. Worked great for me.