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Murrano Glass Watch?

I wanted to buy some presents that are made in Italy. On other trips to Europe I sometimes found that hard to do and stay at a resonalble price. Someone told me they bought a Murrano Glass Watch last year. Venice is at the end of our trip. Would it be okay to wait and but these for 2 presents? Are they reasonable?

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The watches are nice and can run between 20 euro up. It would be ok to wait for them, they are very common in Venice and not noticeably common elsewhere in Italy we visited. They are the normally in the millefiori glass patterns. They are nice and come in a variety of colors. I didnt however buy one myself. I am not sure what your price range is but they arent bad. I spent at least that on gifts for family members

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These are one of my wife's favorite presents to
give from Europe. She bought six watches last
summer in Venice and gave them to her sisters
and friends. Everyone loved them. Cost was about
20 euros.