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Murano Glass--authentic or not?

I've read on this board to make sure Murano glass is authentic before purchasing it. How can I tell? Do all pieces, even inexpensive pieces of jewelry, come with a sticker and certificate?

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To be honest, in some cases you can't tell. All over Venice, but especially on Murano, there are countless pieces of glass - glass beads, glass chandeliers, glass sculptures, tiny glass orchestras and Santas, everything you can imagine in glass. Certainly the pieces you see being created and the very high-priced collectable items are authenticated. As far as the beads and inexpensive jewelry, many of them come with stickers that say Murano glass but I know of no certificates. Most of these are sold by cart vendors in the piazzas. Many of them are so pretty and unique to Venice and so reasonably priced(5 euro and up), does it really matter? After all, they are a souvenir and you did buy them in Venice.

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If I am buying from a street vendor and paying below a certain price, I would figure it's not made on Murano. If it is pretty enough, I wouldn't care--great souvenir items.

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It depends on how pricy it is. I saw some pieces for hundres of euros with "authentic" certificates. I'm not a sales person there so honestly who knows. But for the more affordable pieces buy what you like and don't worry if its "authentic" or not just make sure its not plastic and that it is glass. Its not like you are buying a coach purse with a certificate. If it looks nice and is of good quality and good price then go for it. If you like the piece and it brings back some good memories for you what the heck.

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There are lots of shops that are part of like a movement to not sell any Imported stuff. I personally bought my glass souvenir (a little pair of earrings) at one of those stores, and the bag she put it in had a "certificate of authenticity" sticker on it. Perhaps it's all for show but I feel like what I bought is authentic and it didn't look like all the same stuff you see in every single store and every single cart (I even saw some of it here in LA a few days ago?!!?!). But the earrings were only 16 euros and are silver, so it's not like you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on it to get something cute but authentic. Have fun :)