Munich to Venice - day or night train?

We are trying to decide whether to make this a day trip (scenery?) or spend that or take the night train to save time. Any suggestions?

Posted by Stephen
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It's only a one hour flight, so you might check and see what the fare might be. It will depend on your dates. The train ride looks to be between 6 and 8 hours.

Posted by Jo
Hendersonville, NC
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JR, We took the train from Venice to Munich....the scenery is something you
WOULDN'T want to miss unless time is really the issue.

Posted by JR
texas, usa
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Thanks for the info. We had heard the scenery was nice - good info!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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JR, I answered in your duplicate Thread on this subject. It's usually better to only post one Thread on a particular question, as it keeps the replies in the same place.

Posted by JR
texas, usa
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Ken, I agree. I Mistakenly put it here and meant to put it in the transportation thread. Got some GREAT feedback there! Sounds like everyone is a fan of the day train.