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HI RICK, we are travelling from Rome on the 15th of this month, to Tropea Calabria, THEN TO Amalfi then to CINQUE TERRE,22july/13 THEN TO PORTAFINO 27july/13 THEN Florence 31/july then Venice 4/aug, then to Milan 7/aug to Monte Carlo then 10/aug
UP through france to Paris.18/aug what wish to buy 2 passes ON THE FAST TRAIN, how do we do this? Many thanks Joanie

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Joanie Only fellow travelers post here and answer each other's questions - Rick (Steves) and his staff do not frequent the Helpline. The only high speed trains on your suggested itinerary might be Napoli to La Spezia on your day to the CT - but that might also be an InterCity train. Florence to Venice to Milan can be either a Freccia high speed Trenitalia train or a .Italo privately run high speed train. Monaco to Paris via Nice will either be a daytime TGV or overnight Teoz, both from the French SNCF. Milano to Monaco will be a whole day of trains some slow, some somewhat fast, and maybe one of them will be a high speed for a short distance. I suggest you follow the link in the sticky post at the top about how to use the DB website. Following donna's link above will also be a good start with the Trenitalia website. This close to travel it is likely that most or maybe all cheaper high speed fares will be gone.