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Motorcycle rental Florence Italy? Who? Where?

Please, only persons who have recently rented a motorcycle - not a scooter - in Florence reply.
Need 650 CC or so with back rest for passenger. Can someone also tell me what a "Back Rest" is called in Italian?

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According to my Italian dictionary a backrest is "schienale". Whether or not that word is applicable to motorcycles I can't determine but I guess it would be understood in the circumstance.

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We are renting a motorcycle from

They have locations in Milan, Florence and Rome.

If you visit their site, you can see pictures and descriptions of their bikes in English.

They are also helpful with answering questions and are letting us ship our helmets and gear to their location, so we don't have to fly over with them.

Best of luck!

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Before you rent a motorcycle, take a look at Italian street traffic. You may not want to risk your life learning how to get around in Florence.

Later if you think you can handle it, you can go ahead and rent one.

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Once you get use to way Italians like to ride, then it isn't that bad. I've been riding motorcycles since 1972. This will be my third time renting a bike in Italy and the second time in Florence. For me a motorcycle is EASIER than a car rental. You can slip through places that you can't with a small car and parking is a breeze. Out in the countryside, many of the roads are essentially one lane affairs: Perfect for motorcycling.

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Hellouu!! My boyfriend and I are planning to rent a Motorcycle this summer (June) and go through Europe. We had originally thought of Croatia and Montenegro, but have not found much info on either place to "rent" a motrocylce nor "bike routes" that would be well worth it. Do any of you have any information that can help? We want to eventually end up in a nice warm beach, so we are open to Italy, Coratia, and Montenegro... any thoughts? info? ANYTHING would help! Also, do you know of a place that can rent you a bike in a certain country and let you return it in a different country? THANKS SO MUCH!! E