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Most efficient and quickest way to to get Roma FCO to florence


Traveling to Italy in a month and been trying to find a good and up to date forum that explains the most efficient and quickest way to get from the Roma FCO airport to Florence. I saw direct trains available at 11 am and 3 pm but those times do not work for us. Should we take the train from FCO to termini or tiburtina? And then book trains to florence from there? Or book train that changes in either of those? Heard tiburtina is the last stop before heading to florence. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated :)

P.S. trying to book the train from florence to Italian Riviera (Portovenere) i know I’m supposed to book the train to La Spezia Centrale but it seems no tickets are available. Only 2 options at the date I’m looking at and future and multiple options for weeks before. Any advice on when more will open up?

Thank you!!

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Relax -- lots of trains to Florence via Termini. The two direct from the airport go through Termini. Catch the Leonard Express to Termini and find the next train to Florence. Buy both tickets are the airport ticket office. Just walk from one platform to the next one.

The summer/fall train schedules are being update after June 10th. So if you looked at dates after June 10th, you may not see a complete schedule. Wait a couple of days and check again. The updating should be completed soon. The slow trains, Regionale, are updated last. If you need times, check next week as there is very little change from one schedule to the next.

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I did the regular (non-Leo Express) train from the airport to Tiburtina, then FrecciaSomething to Florence. This train from the airport doesn't go through Termini. It was less expensive than the Express and I didn't relish having to go through Termini based on how busy people said it was. Worked out fine! I bought the ticket to Tiburtina at the airport (validate right after the turnstile and before walking toward the train) and then the one to Florence once I got to Tiburtina from one of the machines. (If connection time is tight, you might be able to do this all at once from the airport). When I got off from the airport, the station looked really small and there wasn't much there. Then I realized there was another level, which is where I caught the train up to Florence. It's still small enough to be manageable when you're jetlagged.