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Mosquitos in Tuscany

We will be in Tuscany the last two weeks in September. Will bugs be an issue?

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Dennis, I live north of Venice, mosquitoes are an issue (here) in September. We use citronella candels and lots of geraniums around our house (I can not stand the smell or the adverse impact of DEET). I also use pure geranium oil on my skin (diluted w/lotion). The smell of the oil is pleasant and my husband doens't think it is too "girly", so he wears it too. It really does work!!! Ciao - T

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Dennis.. while we were visting Tina in Polcenigo, we used her geranium oil.. it's amazing.. I even use it here in the states as we live on a lagoon and the little blighters LOVE me. I am very allergic to their bits.. so it's off to the health food stores for me..Avon's Skin so Soft works well.. but doesn't smell as good..
Tina's Mom.

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Dennis, Mosquitos LOVE me and they were BAD in Tuscany in may - it was hot and dry. The agriturismo we stayed in had no screens and after really suffering with bites I went to the pharmacia with my pharmacist daughter, I might add, and all they have available is the geranium oil type stuff...they do not work for me. I even bought bug spray there...I am the kind of person that people who think mosquitos love them LOVE me because the mosquitos find me no matter where I am and ignore them!

I highly recommend you pack something from home.

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Avon sell little travel size (around 2 oz.) mosquito sprays which works very well. Check it out. We also found we needed it along the eastern coast (Sept. and Oct.) and in Florence in November.

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back to bug spray. I just bought a new product that is wonderful, Burt's Bees makes it and it is bug spray from all natural ingredients and it really works well and smells nice.

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I spent an entire September/October walking and camping through Tuscany and saw no mosquitos unless it rained and even then they were not as bad as the northeast US.

I attribute this to the fact that the tuscans had turned their fields over for the winter after harvesting so the whole of the tuscan country side was one large dry dirt field. No place for mosquito to live.