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More trouble with dPLF...ideas?

I tried numerous times to fill out the dPLF and kept getting stuck at the flight page, due to my error of not noticing that the time zone for the first flight automatically was New York and not California (even though i correctly listed my departing CA airport). I went back and changed the time zone, but this made all the subsequent flights unacceptable to the form. It said "must have correct time and date" even though they were. I then deleted my history and started over completely, but it still would not let me get past the flight page. Then i went to KLM website to see if they had a suggestion. There was something on there from Italy which said that you "must fill out a dPLF, or in case of lack of technology, fill out a self declaration". I went to the self declaration (it was in Italian). I copied out the dPLF form (without my info) and I'm at the point now that i'll bring this to the airport (in less than 2 weeks) with my flights entered by hand, and the self declaration in Italian. Not sure they'll let me on the plane though. Any ideas of whom to contact about this i'd appreciate!

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I’m guessing you’re filling it out much too early. I fly to Naples, through Brussels, later this week. United advised me to complete the form 48 hours before boarding.

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I assume you are flying non-stop from NY to Italy? You would check the "direct flight" box as they are asking from the US to Italy. Doesn't matter how many airports you go thru if they are all in the same country. So your departure airport would be NY. A non-direct flight would be if you left California, transfer in Canada then on to Italy. In that case the departure airport would be California, transfer airport Canada. Hope that helps.

FWIW: I filled my form out last week for my trip at the end of next month. Once you submit it you will get an email with your QR on it.

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No, I'm flying from California via Amsterdam to Venice. The problem is, i didn't see that the form had already input the time zone as New York, even though i listed leaving from CA. So when i went to correct it, i was unable to. The subsequent flights said i had the wrong time even though correct. Problem is, i cannot find anyone to ask about this, the Italian COVID line i called was in Italian, and I'm still not sure the airline will accept this s
"self-declaration". KLM doesn't answer their phones. I'll wait another week and try again, but i'm afraid i'm already in their system with these uncorrectable errors.

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I wouldn’t worry to much about it. No one even ever asked to see ours. We arrived in Italy on Oct 22. I would just fill it out to the best of your abilities just in case someone decides to glance at it. Enjoy your vacation!