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More questions on clothes for women

I was also wondering if women in Italy wear more solid colored tops and dresses/skirts or if patterns and colors are suitable and blend in?

I will be going in October if that is helpful.
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They wear both in general Europeans dress well.

You will see everything, wear what is comfortable to you.

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Julie, the younger women (meaning 20-30's) wear what we do here in the states. You will see the jeans and tshirts women, to the chanel/gucci women.

Dress what you feel most comfortable in. The more you try to "blend in" the more you will stick out.

I am a casual person, and when I was there last March I wore jeans, solid dark colored turtleneck, a camel colored suede jacket and boots. I felt comfortable and didn't really notice if I looked different or the same as the other women.

Also remember you can buy local clothes if you feel you didn't bring the "Right item".