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more appropriate attire

What do you all think about women in "skorts"--relatively short (not down to the knee). Is that tacky over there? I'll be going all over Italy from Venice to Sicily and much in between in the middle of July and August. It's going to be HOT! I feel like I'm just going to wilt if I have long pants on all the time. I live in New Orleans, and I can't imagine wearing long pants for any length of time outdoors during July or August. Also, I have a 7 year old boy who will probably want to wear his Spiderman/Power Rangers stuff. Any thoughts?

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Catherine -- see responses to the skorts issue under the 'appropriate attire' topic.

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Just to add an opinion. On my first trip to Italy, I brought a skort. I wore it for about 1/2 hour one morning in Maestra, then went in and changed. I just felt way too conspicuous. In Cinque Terre, however, I was perfectly comfortable in my skort as there are lots of hikers etc. and shorts are more visible. I observed what they say that the north is more formal than the south.

Can't help you with the power ranger stuff.
Have a great trip!

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I have always traveled in Italy in HOT and HUMID July and August as this is when my father - in-law's village celebrates their festa.

I only pack skirts. Long skirts with button up fronts. They meet the best of both worlds. Long - yet open and breezey.

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Just returned yesterday and skirts were the coolest thing I brought! I bought 2 thin cotton knit drawstring waist knee length skirts from Gap and they worked out great. I also had 2 pair of capris and my favorite was a pair of capris from Marmot that were very lightweight and easy to wash and dry. It was 85-90 degrees while we were in Rome (unseasonably warm for May).

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I an also just home from Italy (jetlagged and all) I bought a skirt from Banana Republic right before going, and I wore it every day. It was just above the knee, had some cute "cargo" pockets. As the other poster mentioned, it's been HOT in Italy - although the last few days they had quite a bit of rain. However, summer in Italy is very hot...a skirt is your best option. I usually travel with a black linen skirt - worn for dinner, and some day travel. I wore capri pants on cooler days, but lived in the skirt with a black top and a shawl worn over my shoulders for inside churches, etc.

One note: I was in several churches (not in Rome!) and there were all kinds of people going in in shorts - even with 2 guys posted outside, watching tourists enter..they did not stop anyone from going in, no matter what they had on..shorts, or sleeveless shirts.