Monterosso Cinque terre

Camere da Vice B&B......would you stay here?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Jo, I haven't stayed at Camera da Vice, so can't offer any first hand experience. It's in the Centro Storico, and I'm familiar with the area where it's located. That's the part of Monterosso that I also prefer to stay. The ratings on Trip Advisor seem to be excellent for the most part, so that's a good indicator. I have an issue with their description that the train station "can be easily reached in a 5 minutes walk." I know from personal experience as recently as September, that's NOT the case. That might be true for an Olympic runner, but not for the average tourist hauling luggage. It's not a difficult walk, but I'd allow 10-15 minutes (longer if you stop to watch the street musicians at the entrance to the tunnel). There are some great restaurants there, and I can provide a few suggestions if you're interested. Happy travels!