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Montepulciano - where to park

Hello! We are traveling to Montepulciano for the day. What are the best places to park? Are there escalators or elevators available to reach the city center? We are traveling with small kids and grandparents so happy to pay for parking that makes it easier/less walking to reach the historic center. Appreciate it!

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We parked just outside the town walls in Parcheggio 1 - P1 (there is a giant bronze horse statue right there.) We walked from there up the road to the top of the town. We've been a few times and have done it this way each time (once with kids.) I don't know of an elevator and I don't remember seeing parking per se up in the town center (though I wasn't looking.) However, if I remember correctly, only residents or those staying in the town can drive/park in the town at designated spots.

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erica_mortensen, Love this question. We are heading to Tuscany this Friday with parents, grandparents, and kids. Multepulciano is on our list!

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We were able to park in a lot at the top of the town, but we were staying up in that area. I can't remember whether we had to have a permit or anything. I do remember that even in a small car it was very tight making the turns around the buildings!

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You could also park at bottom of town near TI
Then take the little bus up to top
Get your bus tix at the TI

Walk back down thru town
That avoids most hill climbing

Don’t recall any escalators inMontepulciano

Pienza is a flat hill town with lots of parking outside the walls

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I was advised to park in parcheggio 8, from which you are virtually on the flat into the main square, Piazza Grande. This was true. However, I didn't pay close enough attention on the way up, and got lost on the way back - I followed a sign to lots 7 and 8, ended up at 7 which was nowhere near 8. After that I learned to take lots of photos from every parking place and never had another problem.

Lot 8 is signposted as you approach from Pienza, keep on going up the hill through the arch at Porta San Donato (don't worry, you aren't in the ZTL) and park by the fortress. It's a pay & display system. When I was there in 2022 you could pay with card or cash.

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A couple of tips from experience last year:

1) Plan for a couple of backup parking lots in case your desired lot is full. A good backup lot (free as of last year, but requires uphill walking) is on Via Elio Bernabei, NE of the town center. On Google Maps if you go to the satellite view it is about 500’ due north of the sports field with the running track. This lot is close enough to walk but not obvious to tourists, and while other lots were packed this lot had plenty of spaces.

2) Get there as early in the day as possible. Parking fills up in all of the towns as the morning rush of tourists arrives.

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The Parcheggio San Donato would be best, but doesn’t have a lot of stalls.

The Parcheggio no. 8 is close and larger, but it requires to walk a dirt path uphill

There are more on the opposite side of town, near Porta al Prato, but they are a longer walk to Piazza Grande.

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YES! Parcheggio S Donato! Once we found this one, we used it daily. Googlemay try to send you up through the ZTL Instead, use the ring road to Via del Filesofi to avoid this ticket making direction!

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We just returned from Tuscany including a visit to Montepulchiano. We parked in parcheggio 8 and it was a breeze. You just need to get your ticket when you park and pay for the amount of time you think you'll be there. There were two machines to do this. One was broken. The other worked like a charm once we figured things out. :) Easy peasy!