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Money Belt Issues?

A friend told me recently that using a money belt that goes around your neck and under your clothing is not a good idea because thiefs will just cut it off and take it from you. Is that true?

I, myself, use a moneybelt that goes under my pants but my entire family is set on using the neck money belt since it'll be less "sweaty".

Anybody have any bad experiences with the neck money belt?

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Pacsafe makes a neck pouch with metal in the strap around your neck so it can't be cut click I found one at a sports store near me for a little less than MSRP, I bought it to use on the days I travel and won't want my passport in my money belt. other than that, common sense would dictate that especially for women, if you wear scoop neck and other such shirts, the band around your neck could be visible and then susceptible to being cut. If you're wearing polos or something like that, I don't see how a would-be thief would ever know it's there. :)

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We love our "neck purses", and, if it is not exposed no one will know that you are wearing one.

I bought a less expensive one than my wife, and the seam at the bottom will sometimes chafe when it is hot.

My wife got a larger one,with lots of compartments, and when security is not an issue, she carries it like a purse, or puts it in the middle pocket of her backpack..........and then I dutifully follow her.

Now we leave our money belts at home.

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I'll never travel without a money belt. I use a silk one around my waist. Even with skirts, it's secure, cool, and unnoticeable.

I carry my passport, credit cards, and extra cash and never have to worry about pickpockets. I forget I'm wearing it, even in hot weather. It's the best peace of mind.

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get a silk or cotton one that 'breathes' and wear it sling style inside your shirt (over one shoulder and across your chest/back) it would be impossible for it to get cut from your neck with out you being tackled...

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To follow up on some of these posts, can anyone recommend a good website for finding these lightweight, "breathable" money belts that are good for women to wear under shorts/skirts. I was planning to to the whole money belt over the neck thing, but I am planning to wear lots of tank tops etc, so not a good idea based on a previous post. Thanks!

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Have you considered looking at the money belt sold in Rick Steves' Travel Store? I bought one, but haven't used it yet (we are traveling to Europe in September). It seems very light-weight.